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30 Sexiest TV Actresses of 201330 Sexiest TV Actresses of 2013
December 31, 2013
Television has always been home to a parade of beautiful actresses, so we compiled a list of the 30 sexiest from 2013.
2013 TV Power Rankings2013 TV Power Rankings
September 3, 2013
Our latest edition of the TV Power Rankings welcomes back some old favorites, as well as a few rookies to our Top 10.
Doomsday Castle"Doomsday Castle" ready for Armageddon on Nat Geo Channel
August 12, 2013
We headed to North Carolina to visit the disaster-proof fortress at the center of National Geographic's new summer reality series, "Doomsday Castle."
Sons of AnarchySons of Anarchy: Season Five Preview
September 7, 2012
Jason Zingale previews the fifth season of the FX motorcycle drama, including what to expect from the first two episodes.
Game of Thrones Recap"Game of Thrones" Season Two in Review
June 12, 2012
Resident blogger Nate Kreichman offers his final thoughts on Season Two, including the three best storylines of the year.
Sons of Anarchy at PaleyFest"Sons of Anarchy" cast and crew discuss Season Five at PaleyFest 2012
May 6, 2012
Creator Kurt Sutter and the cast of FX's “Sons of Anarchy" spoke about the upcoming fifth season of the popular biker drama.
Mad Men at PaleyFest"Mad Men" cast and crew discuss the upcoming fifth season
March 22, 2012
We spoke with the creator and cast of “Mad Men” at this year’s PaleyFest about what to expect from the fifth season.
2012 TV Power Rankings2012 TV Power Rankings
February 17, 2012

With the return of "Mad Men" on the horizon and a host of other shows thriving, we rank our top 25 series.

The Walking Dead: Season Two PreviewThe Walking Dead: Season Two Preview
October 13, 2011

Despite some very public behind-the-scenes drama during the offseason, AMC's hit zombie drama is still at the top of its game.

2011 Fall TV Preview2011 Fall TV Preview
September 20, 2011

Dinosaurs, Playboy Bunnies and a trio of Angels headline the new fall TV lineup, but who has staying power?

Entourage: Season Eight PreviewHBO Bids Adieu to "Entourage" After Eight Seasons
July 19, 2011

Will Vincent Chase and Co. come out on top? Jason Zingale previews the eighth and final season of the HBO comedy series.

Breaking Bad: Season Four Preview"Breaking Bad" is back, baby!
July 15, 2011

It’s been a long, cold wait for Walter White to start making meth again, but "Breaking Bad" is finally back on AMC. Will Harris previews the fourth season with a look at what's in store.

Game of Thrones"Game of Thrones": The episode that shocked the world
June 17, 2011

Season One's penultimate episode hosted one of the most shocking events in television history. It also proved that George R.R. Martin's epic fantasy vision is in very capable hands.

Spike TV's Guys Choice AwardsAn okay evening at Spike TV's "Guys Choice" Awards
June 9, 2011

It may not feature as many A-list stars as other Hollywood events, but Spike TV's "Guys Choice" Awards is easily the most laidback and honestly silly award show in town.

2011 Spring TV Power RankingsTV Power Rankings: Spring 2011
May 12, 2011

"Game of Thrones" debuts strong and "Modern Family" retains its place in the top three, but nothing stood in the way of AMC's freshman dramas, "The Killing" and "The Walking Dead," from sharing the spoils of the #1 spot.

Treme: The Big Uneasy"Treme": The Big Uneasy
April 28, 2011

With the second season of HBO’s “Treme” now underway, Ross Ruediger examines why the New Orleans-based drama isn’t merely a gimmick, but a must-see case of art imitating life.

Who's the ManWho's the Man: Our favorite good, bad and strange bosses
April 27, 2011

Entertainment bosses aren't always entertaining. With Michael Scott leaving Dunder Mifflin, we look at favorite head honchos like Montgomery Burns, Bill Lumburgh and Tony Soprano.

Tracy Morgan, Where Art Thou?Tracy Morgan, Where Art Thou?: Has "30 Rock" run its course?
April 1, 2011

The NBC comedy may be better than most shows even at its worst, but Jeff Morgan points to a number of reasons as to why "30 Rock" has lost its groove.

Subtracting SheenDoing the Math: How CBS Can Subtract Sheen and Still Have “Two and a Half Men”
February 26, 2011

The following folks are men that we think really would help keep “Two and a Half Men” on the air without having the number of laughs per minute fall below acceptable levels.

Year End ReviewYear End TV Review
December 15, 2010

2010 presented us with a wealth of quality programming. So much, in fact, that viewers were left in a quandary about what to watch. Will Harris, Jason Zingale and Scott Malchus take a look back at the year in TV.

2010 Fall TV Power RankingsTV Power Rankings: Fall 2010
November 17, 2010

"Lost" comes to a close, "Boardwalk Empire" makes its debut, and a pack of zombies invades the rankings. But none of them can take the top spot from an old AMC favorite.

Premiere WEek InterviewsPremiere Week Interviews
September 20, 2010

When Premiere Week rolls around each fall, we end up with so many such conversations that we're hard pressed to give them all their appropriate due on our homepage, and that's why you can find them here.

2010 Fall TV Preview2010 Fall TV Preview
September 10, 2010

Our annual Fall TV Preview lays out all of the new series and puts the power in your hands, giving you a chance to figure out for yourself what might be worth TiVo'ing and what probably isn't worth watching even when everything else is in reruns.

TCA Press Tour Summer RecapTCA Press Tour Summer Recap
August 17, 2010

It's the TCA press tour, and trust us, unless you're actually in show business, life doesn't get much less normal than this.

TCA Press Tour Summer BlogTCA Press Tour Summer Blog
July 29, 2010

The TCA tour gives us the opportunity to meet and greet with the cast and creators of current and new series, score some time for interviews, and get the skinny on just about everything you'll be seeing on TV over the course of the next six months.

Losties We LoveLosties We Love
May 18, 2010

With so many great personalities populating the "Lost" universe, it's difficult to settle on a list of the absolute best, but that doesn't mean we didn't try.

LostTV Power Rankings: Spring 2010
April 23, 2010

This is the year you get all the answers to those burning questions about Oceanic 815. As "Lost" comes to a conclusion, "The Office" holds strong at number two, followed by the likes of "Breaking Bad,""30 Rock" and "Modern Family."

3:10 to Killshot3:10 to Killshot
March 15, 2010

Elmore Leonard has been writing short stories since the 1940s, but it was one that was published in 1953 – "3:10 to Yuma" – that first made Hollywood sit up and take notice.

TCA Press Tour Winter RecapTCA Press Tour Winter Recap
January 28, 2010

Will Harris brings you his favorite moments from the 2010 Winter TCA Press Tour.

TCA Press Tour Winter BlogTCA Press Tour Winter Blog
January 12, 2010

On the docket for winter 2010: prime time failures, series stalwarts making departures, and…oh, right, some new shows, too.

Decade in ReviewThe Decade in Review
December 4, 2009

Whether or not you think the first decade of this new millennium started out spectacularly, at the very least, you can't say there hasn't been a heck of a lot of good stuff to watch on TV.

Monty Python Solo Projects40 Years of Monty Python Solo Projects
October 16, 2009

Let us not forget that all six members of Python have also worked outside of their primary organization and their solo efforts have brought us a great deal of exemplary entertainment, both comedic and dramatic.

2009 Fall TV Preview2009 Fall TV Preview
September 7, 2009

In recent years, the face of TV has gone through considerable changes, with new programming now debuting throughout the year. But there’s still something magical about the autumn, which most networks still reserve to roll out their latest wares.

Summer TCA recapTCA Summer Press Tour Recap
August 19, 2009

This was the first time the summer tour had been held after Comic-Con rather than before, so there was a certain amount of grumbling about the fact that the fans were getting a certain amount of info that would've ordinarily gone to the critics first.

Summer TCA blogTCA Summer Press Tour Blog
August 3, 2009

The TCA tour is the great equalizer amongst TV critics, allowing sites like Bullz-Eye, AfterElton, and HitFix to have the same access to the stars of the fall season's new series as writers from Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide, and Time Magazine.

TV GirlfriendsBullz-Eye's TV Girlfriends
June 1, 2009

We have hand-selected 100 women from the last 40 years of television and put them into ten categories, based on personality type, career, intelligence (or lack thereof) and even marital status and picked the best of them.

Winter TCA RecapWinter TCA Press Tour Recap
January 23, 2009

The networks provide us with an idea of what we can expect to see on our favorite broadcast and cable channels from now until they premiere their next fall schedule.

Winter TCA BlogWinter TCA Press Tour Blog
January 14, 2009

If you take a look at the series being offered up by both cable and broadcast networks in early 2009, you see that the quality is a hell of a lot better than it used to be at this time of year.

2008 Year End TV Review2008 Year End TV Review
December 10, 2008

Join us as five of Bullz-Eye’s finest take a look back at what they loved and loathed throughout 2008…and if you spot anything that sounds interesting to you but you haven’t yet checked out, we recommend doing so now.

Bullz-Eye's All-Time TV Punching BagsBullz-Eye's All-Time TV Punching Bags
November 04, 2008

Get your boxing gloves on as we present to you Bullz-Eye’s all time favorite TV punching bags.

2008 Fall TV Preview2008 Fall TV Preview
September 17, 2008

At last, it’s here: the arrival of the fall season. It was a long time coming for the return of some series, given the hiatus that was necessitated by the writer’s strike, but Bullz-Eye's Will Harris is thrilled to have most of them back.

TCA Press Tour Wrap UpTCA Press Tour Wrap Up
August 21, 2008

Our own Will Harris made a return trip to the TCA Tour, this time with a little experience under his belt.

TCA Press Tour BlogTCA Press Tour Blog
July 10, 2008

Will Harris blogs throughout the two-week event, passing along all the juicy tidbits he discovers about new and returning shows from the tour's various panels and interviews with network execs, producers, writers and cast members.

The Post Strike ReturnThe Post Strike Return
April 03, 2008

As soon as the strike wrapped up, you probably noticed how some series magically “found” a few episodes they’d unabashedly been sitting on. We don't care where those episodes came from, we're just glad to have our shows back.

The Top 20 TV-DVDs of 2007The Top 20 TV-DVDs of 2007
January 30, 2008

With the confidence that he's had a chance to check out the majority of the cool stuff that came out in ’07, Will Harris presents his personal picks for the Top 20 TV DVDs of last year.

What's Worth WatchingWhat's Worth Watching
January 16, 2008

With the writer’s strike continuing along unabated, new episodes of scripted television are getting harder and harder to come by. Here are a few quality choices to keep you afloat until we're back to the regularly scheduled programming.

2007 Year End TV Review2007 Year End TV Review
December 07, 2007

Six of our most prolific TV writers have provided their opinions of both the best and the worst that the small screen has had to offer.

Superheroes on TV: Old and NewSuperheroes on TV: Old and New
September 21, 2007

In celebration of the new season of “Heroes,” we’ve taken a look back at some of our favorite superhero TV series, both live-action and animated; we’ve even set aside a separate section for TV movies, specials and failed pilots.

TV TransitionsTV Transitions
September 14, 2007

Bullz-Eye took a look at the past several years and came up with a list of some notable actors and actresses who attempted to escape from television’s gravitational pull and achieve Hollywood orbit, only to get sucked back onto the small screen.

2007 Fall TV Preview2007 Fall TV Preview
August 27, 2007

This year's crop is another blend that's heavy on drama, light on comedy, and thankfully light on reality shows. Will Harris previews the new fall TV season in the hope that he's as right about one of these shows as he was about "Heroes."

The Simpsons Greatest Guest VoicesThe Simpsons Greatest Guest Voices
July 27, 2007

In tribute to the show’s spectacular list of guest performers, we have assembled a list of our favorite guest bits from the show’s early run, an actor for each minute of the movie’s 87-minute running time.

TCA Summer Press Tour BlogTCA Summer Press Tour Blog
July 13, 2007

A small but well-respected group of writers who spend way too much of their time watching TV regularly meets twice a year – once in the summer, once in the winter – to talk shop with the networks about their new and returning series.

Favorite TV FinalesBullz-Eye's Favorite TV Finales
May 04, 2007

"The Sopranos" finale has gotten us to reminiscing about other departed series, in particular, which ones met the challenge of providing just the right amount of closure to leave their fans happy, and which ones failed miserably at the task.

The Best TV-DVDs of 2006The Best TV-DVDs of 2006
January 12, 2007

You might’ve seen it coming, but 2006 made it official: the lifespan of the shows you watch on television is now directly impacted by the financial success of releasing TV series on DVD. We've got the best of the bunch from the past year.

2006 Fall TV Preview2006 Fall TV Preview
September 11, 2006

Prodded by the plethora of fantastic shows appearing on FX, Showtime and HBO, the major networks have stepped up to the plate with a full slate of quality series. There are exceptions to the rule, of course, but it’s a year of real winners across the board.

TV (No-)Shows on DVDTV (No-)Shows on DVD
June 30, 2006

Bullz-Eye has compiled a list of our top 15 shows that remain unavailable on DVD but ought to be, as well as a few additions that we’d like to see come out…even if we aren’t exactly holding our breath.

2006 Summer TV Preview2006 Summer TV Preview
May 29, 2006

The summer is once again upon us, and the networks have realized that people will watch TV in the summer, especially if it’s good. John Paulsen gives us the rundown on what to watch from both new and returning shows.

2005 Fall TV Preview2005 Fall TV Preview
September 14, 2005

The summer TV season wasn't too bad, with the extraordinary "Rescue Me," the finale of "Six Feet Under," and an improved "Entourage." But now it's time for the big boys to duke it out. John Paulsen runs down the latest must-see shows.

2005 Summer TV Preview2005 Summer TV Preview
June 3, 2005

For years, the networks took a three-month break and just showed reruns of popular shows. But in the last few years, there has been a renaissance of sorts that has opened the floodgates for new (and good) summer programming.

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