Bullz-Eye.com's 2010 Fall TV Preview
Damian Kulash

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What, another fall TV season? Didn't we just have one last year?

Yeah, but, wow, what a difference a year makes, huh? Back in September 2009, America was skeptically awaiting the arrival of "The Jay Leno Show" and waiting to see if it was going to be worth wiping five hours of dramatic programming off the dial...and, uh, it's probably not a spoiler at this point to say that, no, it was not. Now, the broadcast network schedule has gone back to looking approximately like it did in the old days, Jay's back at 11:30 where viewers apparently prefer him, and we've got a whole new slew of new series available for our perusal.

What's going to be the big breakout hit of the season? Will "The Event" actually prove to be an event? Will viewers find "Outsourced" funny or offensive? Can guys get away with watching "Hellcats" and not feel guilty about it? Bullz-Eye has absolutely no definitive answers to any of these questions, but we do have our annual Fall TV Preview, which lays out all of the new series on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and The CW, presents you with what else is on at the same time, and puts the power in your hands, giving you a chance to figure out for yourself what might be worth TiVo'ing and what probably isn't worth watching even when everything else is in reruns.

Oh, sure, we give our opinions, too. We just don't necessarily expect you to agree with them...even if they are right.

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