Bullz-Eye.com's 2009 Fall TV Preview
2009 Fall TV Preview

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And so it begins again: the fall TV season. In recent years, the face of television has gone through considerable changes, with new programming now debuting throughout the year. But there’s still something magical about the autumn, which most of the broadcast networks continue to reserve as the time to roll out their latest wares. This year brings us the usual slate of clever concepts, dodgy dramas, comedy both highbrow and lowbrow, and so on down the line, but we’re also being handed the biggest shake-up to the schedule in many a decade, courtesy of NBC’s “The Jay Leno Show.” Join us as Bullz-Eye takes a look at what you can expect to find on your TV dial…as if anyone even still has a TV with a dial…and gives you an idea of which new shows are worth your time and which you should desperately avoid.

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