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The writer's strike put the kabosh on the Television Critics Association's winter gathering, but with the fall TV season looming on the horizon, the TCA's 2008 Summer Press Tour is thankfully underway. Will Harris will be blogging throughout the two-week event, passing along all the juicy tidbits he discovers about new and returning shows from the tour's various panels and interviews with network execs, producers, writers and cast members. Check back daily for Will's updates, and for a full rundown of all of Will's blog posts, click over to Premium Hollywood.

Cherry Picking...

Throughout the tour, we'll highlight some of Will's blog entries that likely will be of particular interest to our readers. Click the images and links below to read the posts in their entirety at Premium Hollywood.

Fox, Part 2 (24, The Terminator)
Fox, Part 1 (Fringe)
Starz (Dennis Hopper)
TBS (Frank TV)
Cartoon Network (Star Wars: The Clone Wars)
Sundance Channel (Elvis Costello)
ESPN (Spike Lee)
Day 2: AMC (Mad Men)
Day 1: HDNet

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