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You’ve heard of “Meet the Press”?  Now prepare to meet the press tour.

I’m speaking of the TCA press tour. The Television Critics Association, a small but well-respected group of writers who spend way too much of their time watching TV, regularly meets twice a year – once in the summer, once in the winter – to talk shop with the networks about their new and returning series. It’s a schmooze fest, of course; the networks try to peddle their latest wares even as they remind you about the stuff that’s still on the shelf…and, hallelujah, I’m finally a part of it! As such, I will be attending as many panels for as many television shows as I possibly can (believe me, that’s a whole lot of panels) and blogging about it here (via Premium Hollywood) throughout the conference.

The proceedings will shape up as follows: first cable, then network. I’ll spend four days (July 12-15) being bombarded with every cable network you can imagine, from HBO and Showtime to The Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, plus all the other usual suspects: E!, Game Show Network, Bravo, CNN and so forth. From there, it’s on to the broadcast networks: NBC (July 16 & 17), CBS (July 18 & 19), The CW (July 20), Fox (July 22 & 23) and ABC (July 25 & 26).

In other words, it’s gonna be a long, grueling two weeks.

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