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If you’re a regular reader, you know that we’ve been championing “Heroes” since well before it even left the starting gate, laying it on the line back in our 2006 Fall TV Preview by offering the bold declaration, “This is gonna be the water-cooler show of the season.” Yes, we were right – well, us and probably hordes of other people who said the exact same thing – but in a world where the media often does its best to shorten our collective memories (and attention spans), we feel like it’s our job to remind you of something you really shouldn’t forget: “Heroes” wasn’t the first TV show about individuals with abilities beyond those of mere mortals. (Hell, it’s not even the only one on the air right now!)

In celebration of the new season of “Heroes,” we’ve taken a look back at some of our favorite superhero TV series, both live-action and animated; we’ve even set aside a separate section for TV movies, specials and failed pilots. In no way is this thing 100% comprehensive – for example, we hear good things about “M.A.N.T.I.S.,” but no one on the staff remembered enough about the show to write about it – but we’ve tried to hit as many highlights of the genre as we felt comfortable discussing. (We’re sorry if that means suffering the wrath of all those rabid “Captain Nice” fans, but that’s just the way it goes.)

And with that, it’s up, up, and away…!

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TV movies, specials and failed pilots

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