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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

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Guys tend to stress about Valentine's Day every year. Why? Expectations, for starters. Women love romance on Valentine's Day, and they love when your gift shows that you have been paying attention to her, that you really do know what she likes and what makes her happy. That's some serious pressure!

But rest easy, gents, because we've got some great ideas below to get those creative juices flowing. If you spend some time thinking about your wife's or girlfriend's interests, the things that put a smile on her face, you can knock it out of the park every Valentine's Day. Check out the ideas below and be sure to look through the For Her section of our Holiday Gift Guide for even more suggestions.

Buying lingerie for your girlfriend or wife on Valentine's Day isn't always a great idea. It can often make you seem presumptuous and even a little selfish, so instead, give her something that she'll actually want to wear without sacrificing sex appeal. Though not every piece in P.J. Salvage's line of fashionable pajamas, loungewear and intimates falls under that category, there are quite a few items (like the Cherry Cherry or Eye Candy cami and shorts sets) that are sexier than your average sleepwear and practical for just about any time of the year. Known for using luxury fabrics and chic patterns, P.J. Salvage's product line looks and feels better than most competitors, with an excellent quality deserving of its slightly higher price point. But if you're going to break the bank on something from Victoria's Secret anyway, you might as well spend that cash on something your lady will like as much as you.

This is one of the hot, new perfumes on the market, and anything from designer Stella McCartney should go over well. You can also browse her online site for other ideas, which includes everything from jackets, to handbags, to boots and more.
We always go back to Tiffany & Co., as that blue box will give any woman with a sense of style a huge smile as she opens it. In some ways, this is the perfect option if you're not looking for something expensive. Of course, you can break the bank there, but you can also find a wide variety of bracelets and necklaces for under $300 and even some under $200.

Women love luxurious sheets, so spoil her with real quality like the Valentino 1200 Thread Count Sheet Set from luxury Egyptian Cotton bedding line, Luxor Linens. These irresistibly soft sheets come in nine elegant colors and it's the gift that can keep on giving! You can even make it personal with signature monogramming – sure to gain extra brownie points! The Valentino Sheets can also be custom tailored upon request to ensure ultimate comfort. The best part is that you'll be able to enjoy these as well!

  • Day at the Spa
We've recommended this for many years since it's a great gift that most women will love. You'll want to add other gifts that she can actually open, but a gift certificate to a spa is an easy option when you use a site like She'll also be thinking of you as she's being spoiled there, so this can be the gift that keeps on giving!

Women love purses not just as stylish accessories, but incredibly practical ways to carry and keep everything in their lives organized. As the popularity of the European man purse proved, even guys can get jealous of their powers. Well now it's time to get even more envious, thanks to a new invention called the Everpurse. Coming off of a very successful Kickstarter campaign, the Everpurse can wirelessly charge an iPhone 4, iPhone 5, or Galaxy SIII as long as it's in the charging pocket of the purse, while the purse itself is charged through a wireless charging mat each night. Even better is that the purse comes in a variety of designs and styles, ensuring a model for every woman. The only downside to the Everpurse is that it isn't available until the spring, though you can pre-order one now.
There are few gifts better to give your girlfriend or wife than that of a constant massage. Unless you want to risk hiring a full time massage therapist who might steal your girl, though, the best way to go would be the massage cushion from Prospera. It represents one of the greatest combinations of portability, power and comfort of any designs, and has near universal customer approval as an effective, relaxing and quiet way to enjoy a nice massaging effect during the day in any stress reflected areas. Also, since it lacks limbs and intellect, there is a heavily reduced chance of your lady running away with it (though she will still fall in love).

Not everyone has the room on their kitchen/bar countertop for a bulky wine chiller, or the freezer space needed to store the included "chill cells," so it's actually quite surprising that it's taken so long for someone to produce a wine chiller alternative that's apartment friendly. In addition to saving on space, however, the ravi Instant Wine Refresher is also one of the fastest chillers on the market, which means that even last-minute Valentine's Day plans can go off without a hitch. Rather than cooling the entire bottle, the detachable valve (which is about the size of a Brita filter and is kept in your freezer until use) chills the wine as it's being poured, reducing the temperature by 10-20 degrees. You can even slow down the pour to allow for a colder chill, and the valve itself stays frosty for quite awhile. Though we weren't crazy about the clean-up process, it's worth the effort for the convenience alone.

Guys love high-quality headphones, but that doesn't mean your lady won't appreciate a pair as well. Of course, most women would probably prefer something a little less clunky than some of the popular styles of today, and some pretty colors wouldn't hurt either. These Throne over-ear headphones from i-Mego look and sound fantastic, featuring a pair of sleek leather earpads that provide exceptional comfort and noise isolation. As a matter of fact, we took a pair of Thrones on a recent plane trip and, to our surprise, they sounded even better than our old noise-cancelling headphones. As an added bonus, the Throne comes with an integrated one-button control and microphone to allow for play, pause and skip functionality along with the ability to answer and end calls on almost any mobile device. Available in two different colors, we'd go with the Poison option for the ladies, featuring a gunmetal outer shell over muted purple vents. She'll love the look, fit and sound, and you'll love to borrow them!

Though buying a box of chocolates is easier and cheaper in most cases, if you really want to up the ante this year, get her some chocolate dipped strawberries from Fannie May instead. Big, delicious and decadent, these chocolate strawberries go great with a bottle of champagne and come in a variety of gourmet concoctions, including dark chocolate with chocolate chips, white chocolate with toasted coconut, caramel-infused milk chocolate with pecans, and white and pink champagne-infused chocolate with gold sugar. In other words, it's perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth and a great way to end a night of romance. If chocolate and berries aren't her thing, but you still want to indulge your special lady with a fun treat, you could always buy some Cheryl's cookies, popcorn from The Popcorn Factory, or an edible fruit basket.

  • Weekend in Vegas
Any trip is usually a good idea, but a weekend in Las Vegas can offer a perfect blend of luxury and excitement. Whether you're looking to spice up a relationship or just enjoy a new fling, flying out to one of the upscale casino resorts will give you a weekend to remember. We recently spent a weekend at Aria and enjoyed the great restaurants and luxury accommodations, so we recommend that spot or a place like Cosmopolitan. These newer, trendier spots are perfect for couples. You can schedule time at the spa together and hit one of the many incredible shows in town. We recommend "Love" at The Mirage which features the music of The Beatles. If Vegas isn't your thing, or you're worried that she'll lose control at the tables with your money, then think of another adventure that she'll enjoy. Great experiences last longer than most material things!
Whether you're setting the mood for a nice dinner, creating a relaxing environment for an after-work bath, or even cautiously patrolling the corridors of "Dracula's" castle at night, everyone loves a good set of candles. Now you can enjoy the soothing candle lighting effect without burnt fingers, melting wax, or any other burdens thanks to products like the Everlasting Glow remote control candles. The candles come in various sizes, run off of AAA batteries, turn on and off with the push of a button, and are modeled to look and behave just like the real deal. While lacking the scents, for sheer relaxing mood lighting, you can't beat the effect and practicality of these candles.
I never knew it until researching this list, but apparently the best ways for women to dry their nails are through home remedy methods like ice water, blow dryers or even cooking spray. It's time then to bring the lady in your life out of the dark age of nail drying thanks to UV light, courtesy of UV Nail Dryers like the one from Thermal Spa. The 45-watt UV light evenly dries nails, without cracking them or causing them to lose any of their shine, all via a hassle free machine. Also you get to enjoy a nice "Tron" like glow while she's using it. So, it's a win-win.
We've featured ICON products in the past, and this leather jacket jumped out at us. Of course, it's a great option if she likes to ride motorcycles, but it's such a great looking jacket that we think many women will wear it. This jacket features a bold design and comes in black or white featuring top quality leather. If this fits her sense of style, she will love it!

If you're looking for more classic or elegant products, check out premium brands like Chanel, Coach or Prada. And if you have some other cool gifts she can open, you can probably get away with a gift certificate to one of her favorite stores.

If you're looking to spice up your love life, or you just want to make sure you're kept warm this winter, pick up a copy of the book that every woman seems to be talking about. That said, you might want to check out some of the steamier pages from the book first to make sure you're ready and willing to perform once she gets these ideas in her head! And even if she's already read the book, there's actually a Fifty Shades Trilogy you can pick up assuming she liked the first one.