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Holiday Gift Guide: Guy Stuff

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For most of us, finding gifts for men like your father or brother should be pretty easy – just buy stuff you'd buy for yourself. Of course, that doesn't always work, but it's a pretty good place to start.

That said, we've put together some ideas to help you through the holidays.

Sports & Games
It's hard to imagine a better gift for NBA fans. Bill Simmons is the most entertaining sportswriter of our generation, and he's written the ultimate book about NBA basketball. As Malcolm Gladwell explains in the forward, you shouldn't be put off by the size of the book. It's huge, but it's not meant to be read front to back, like a novel. It's a collection of Bill's informative and mostly hilarious takes on the game of basketball: the best players of all time (MJ is #1, of course, and Bird comes in at #5); the best teams of all time (the 1986 Celtics – he's a Boston fan); and practically every other opinion Bill has about the game. Break it out with a bunch of friends and you'll start some great arguments. If you're skeptical, just pick it up in the bookstore, flip to any page, and start reading. If you like sports and pop culture you'll be hooked right away.
This World Series DVD is great for baseball fans. It features films of every World Series from 1943 through 2008, and comes in a beautiful book format featuring some great photography as well. Each of these films were produced in the year of that World Series, so naturally, the production styles from past decades are much different than what we're used to today. Still, it's interesting to listen to the commentary from those years as opposed to today's perspective. The recap of the classic 1975 World Series, between the Boston Red Sox and the Big Red Machine (Cincinnati), is narrated by Joe Garagiola, the leading baseball commentator of the time. Just one thing: you might not want to give this one to a Cubs fan!
This is the ultimate gift for the guy who says he wants to work out, but who never gets to the gym. Let's face it – finding the time to work out is one of the biggest challenges for most people. We're all busy these days. The Wii Fit makes it convenient and fun. The game comes with a balance board and a Wii remote, and offers four main categories to choose from: Balance Games, Aerobic Exercises, Yoga and Muscle Workouts. It also includes a new Training Plus area that promotes mind and body coordination. The best part is that you get a "virtual" personal trainer who keeps track of your progress. Most people should be able to find a fun and effective set of workouts from all the options here.
Men's Grooming
Shaving products are usually a pretty good option, as most guys need to shave. This product from Braun is perfect for the guy who loves gadgets -- it won the Men's Health 2009 Grooming Awards for "Best Shave Tool." Shavers have become more sophisticated over the years, and the Series 7 is the world's first shaver to use "Pulsonic Technology." Its active head oscillates at more than 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute to help deliver Braun's closest and most comfortable shave ever. That should impress gadget-lovers. This system also has a handy cleaning system to keep the shaver in top form.
Not everyone wants a shaving experience that requires reading directions. If you're looking to purchase a gift that provides a more traditional shaving experience, the Art of Shaving provides a great option. It features Gillette's Fusion Chrome power razor, a slick, chrome-covered razor that basically vibrates to help reduce friction and increase razor guide. The gift set is rounded out with pre-shave oil, shaving cream, a shaving brush and after-shave balm. It's an upscale but practical gift option. [images sent by email]
If you're not looking to break the bank and you're looking for value gifts, you can check out the Every Man Jack shave kits. The kit gives you a cleansing face wash, hydrating shave gel and soothing face lotion. It also includes an SPF 15 face lotion and lip balm to protect from everyday sun damage. This cool 5-pack makes a great stocking stuffer for an incredible $9.99, and you can check out their Web site for more options.
Most guys today understand that grooming doesn't necessarily stop with a morning shave. Many women appreciate a little grooming below the neck as well. Of course some men are clueless to this fact, and others will always be stuck in a ‘70's mentality. That's every guy's choice, of course, but for those men with a more modern approach to things, the Braun bodycruZer is a great gift. With wet and dry shaving and multiple attachments, it has all the tools to help a guy take care of things in a way that will make his gal pal happy. If this is all new to you, don't be surprised if your lady finds a way to put this under your tree this year! Check out this video to see hot babe Emmanuelle Chriqui explain this whole grooming thing for you.
With another World Series ring and his own fragrance, Derek Jeter has had another great year. Cologne is always a good gift option, and this one is perfect for the Yankee fan on your list. The marketing materials call this an "energizing fragrance infused with Lemon Zest, Juniper, Cedarwood and Sage." We have no idea what that means, but we tried it and it smells great. It's only available through Avon, so you might find some gifts for the gal in your life while ordering this one.
This new fragrance from Calvin Klein offers another good option. The marketing materials explain that this cologne offers "an aromatic warm woody fragrance, unexpectedly fresh, yet casual and distinctly masculine," and that "it opens with an invitation to free the mind with absinthe as a featured note." Again, this is all way over our heads, but we tried this one as well and we liked it a lot. You can't go wrong with Calvin Klein.
You might have seen the TV commercials for this cool new tequila from "The Sopranos" star Michael Imperioli. One of the spots features the cool bottle top that also serves as a shot glass – very handy for impromptu parties! 1800 Tequila is pure, 100 percent blue agave tequila grown on family-owned ranches, and is bottled in Jalisco, Mexico. Each bottle of 1800 Tequila is double distilled and matured in French and American oak barrels for superior drinkability. We're huge fans of tequila – it's the best party-starter we know of – and we had a great time sampling this great brand. You can't go wrong with this as a gift.
Sticking with the spirits theme, we tried this rum and were blown away. According to their Web site, Matusalem® Rum was founded in 1872 and "has been known as the rebel of rums that was forced out of Cuba by Castro," and "is now produced in the Dominican Republic using the original recipe and still a preferred rum of the islands." We can say unequivocally that this product lives up to its billing, so it's a great gift option for the holidays.
If the idea of spending $100 or more on a single bottle of whiskey makes you break out in a cold sweat, then feel free to stick to your Black Velvet. But if you've got money to burn and can appreciate the taste distinction, Balvenie's got something to wet your whistle and leave you sighing in ecstasy. Each year, David Stewart – Balvenie's Malt Master – crafts a new limited release, and 2009's 17 Year Old Madeira Cask is another doozy. The nose is described as containing spicy, earthy oak notes with subtle hints of vanilla and honey, with soft fruit aromas, a slow baked apple infused with cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. The palate provides you with sweet vanilla oak notes that gradually develop into rich spices and dried fruits such as apricots, figs and dates. And the finish? Looooooong, with a balance of sweetness and dry oakiness. Granted, we haven't actually sampled it for ourselves yet, but given that Balvenie is the first single malt ever to win six gold medals in one competition at the IWSC (International Wine and Spirit Competition), we're willing to take the distillery's press release as being pretty close to the gospel.