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Randy Couture

Randy “The Natural” Couture

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Try messing with the “grandfather” of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and you might eat fist and wind up in an emergency room.

Randy Couture has been quite a fixture in the UFC for nearly 10 years now, after knocking out Chuck Liddell in his debut in late May of 1997. Now, Couture is the athlete current UFC fighters look up to in measuring a champion.

“The Natural” or “Captain America” as he is sometimes referred to, Couture is a Greco-Roman wrestler with skills in mixed martial arts too. He is the only fighter to have held championship titles in both heavyweight and light heavyweight and despite still competing, he is already a member of the UFC Hall of Fame.

Standing 6-foot-2, 220lbs., Couture holds a MMA record of 14-8 and is best known for his wrestling takedowns and brute strength. He often uses wrestling or ground-and-pound techniques in order to get his opponent to the mat, gain top position and pummel the victim with blows to the head.

At 43, Couture is still competing despite announcing his retirement in February of ’06. He announced in early January that he would return to mixed martial arts on March 3rd, 2007 to fight Tim Sylvia for the heavyweight title in UFC 68: The Uprising.


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