The One Technique That "Works" On EVERY Woman

The One Technique That "Works" On EVERY Woman

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I hate generalizations when it comes to women but... yes, there is one thing that works on EVERY woman in the bedroom.

Which is pretty amazing because women can be very, very different when it comes to what "works."

If you've had a couple of serious girlfriends in your life... serious enough that you
stopped pretending for each other and really TALKED about what she "secretly" likes in the bedroom...

Especially if you've had that conversation with more than one woman, then you already know-- different women like REALLY... almost WEIRDLY... different things
between the sheets. Like... spectacularly different... even opposite things sometimes.

Not only that, but often they like different things at different times in their life
and they can change their minds insanely quickly.

And not only that, but sometimes what really gets them off in bed changes depending on their mood in that MOMENT.

*sigh* ...women.

And even though all of that is absolutely true, there is still ONE thing that, if you know the secret to it, will work on EVERY woman, EVERY time, no matter who she is, what stage of life, or what mood she's in.

Yep. It's that good.

If you've already read my eBook, "Revolutionary Sex," then you are smiling and nodding, because you already KNOW what the secret is, and you've got the very happy girl in your bed to prove it.

Have you figured out what the one thing is that "works" on all women?

If you are guessing that it has something to do with being "extra large" you are so
misinformed that I don't know where to begin. You need my book very, very badly.

If you are thinking that it requires the "endurance" of a marathon runner on steroids and the ability to "hold back" forever, you are almost as wrong-headed.

Of course, it is very important to learn the simple techniques of lasting long enough to please your woman... but also that is for YOUR pleasure, so that you can relax and really enjoy the experience together. And I talk about how to do that in my book, and in other articles here on Bullz-Eye.

But a guy can last all day long and NEVER really drive his girl crazy with pleasure if he doesn't know what he's doing.

In fact, there are many, many girls who will tell you that they WISH the guy they were with would finish SOONER because it's getting her nowhere except more and more frustrated as he keeps going at it.

If you're thinking of some kind of technique or position, or something you do with
your tongue or fingers, you're still way off.

And it's not a matter of how fast, how slow, how hard, or how gentle.


Because for every one of these things, you will find girls who disagree about what REALLY works for them individually.

The one thing that every woman secretly dreams of, that will drive every woman wild is a simple two-word answer.

And if you can really perfect this one skill, you will become the kind of man that a woman will do almost ANYTHING to keep around.

The G spot?

No. But the G spot started me on the road to figuring it all out...

I remember when I first learned how to find the G-spot on a woman. And, coincidentally, I found out about it from a book.

I was a freshman in college and, of course, I had HEARD about the legendary G-spot... but I was too embarrassed to ASK anyone where it was.

So, I went to the library. These days, of course, you can just hit the internet and go to and get an instant answer complete with a diagram... so if you don't know where it is, go check that out right now...

As it turned out, the g spot worked amazingly well to launch my girlfriend at the time into the stratosphere.


Weirdly and frustratingly enough--

It didn't work AT ALL on my next girlfriend. She could only have an orgasm with clitoral stimulation. In fact, when I touched her g spot, she said it was uncomfortable
and felt "like a gynecologist examination."

Little by little I learned that every woman is different and has to be touched differently.

And, as I got better at finding out quickly what worked on different women, I accidentally discovered that I had stumbled upon something amazing...

The One Thing That "Works" On Every Woman.

The thing that every woman wants is a guy who knows just...




Pay Attention.

No, I'm not saying to pay attention to what I'm about to say... "Pay Attention" is the answer.

Unfortunately, while the answer is simple... it's only two words after all... most
guys will never learn to do it quite right.

You see, once I discovered that what worked on one women wouldn't work on EVERY woman, I began to wonder if there was a way to figure out what any individual woman was into.

And one of the first things I realized is that "asking her" does NOT work.

Not only is that a turn-off for many women, but, amazingly, most women don't even KNOW what really drives them wild because most women have never been with a guy who was really amazing in bed.

So they never even realized that there are things that could take them higher than they ever dreamed of... much higher than they had ever gone through masturbation.

When you are making love to a woman, learning to pay attention to the subtle signals that her body is sending you, and UNDERSTANDING what they are saying, is the one skill that will allow you to unlock the door to every fantasy that she has ever had.

Not convinced?

Okay, well, here's something for you to think about that will change your mind.

Remember I was just talking about the g spot and how it can send some women right into orbit?

Well, as it turns out, that's true of MOST women.

But what's really amazing is...

A woman can't comfortably each her own g spot.

That's right. Without a partner, a woman would likely NEVER find her own g-spot.

(Sure, I know that there are "adult toys" that she can buy to get up there, but if she has never had someone else do it, it is very unlikely that she'd know what she was missing... and frankly it would just be weird and embarrassing for her to buy the thing).

Think about how DIFFERENT this is from being a man... how different from YOU.

I mean, as guys, we pretty much KNOW everything that's going to feel good on us.

But women don't.

In fact, the first time you give a woman a stacked multiple orgasm (page 104 in the book) she will probably completely freak out... because she never suspected that she was even CAPABLE of that kind of pleasure.

That's why "paying attention" is a much bigger concept than you can imagine.

Women communicate on a much more sub-text level than men.

A woman may say, "harder, harder," but if you think that's all she means, you are very wrong.

And, like I said... even SHE might not know what she means. That could be the moment to hold back from going harder to tease her into an even deeper state of arousal.

To understand a woman in bed you have to pay attention to what her BODY is saying.

You have to learn to listen to her breathing and the tension in her muscles, you have to be able to feel and decode all of the messages that her body is sending to yours.

And that is not something you can do with your brain.

You can't "figure it out."

You have to just listen. Listen with your whole body.

And then, of course, you have to pay attention.

In this way, you will know EXACTLY what to do, and EXACTLY how to do it... for ANY woman.

And when she finds a guy who can do that...

It is as if she has found a man who can read her mind. She feels like you were actually made specially just for her. Like you are the PERFECT LOVER that she has always dreamed about.

I know that this is starting to sound complicated. But if there is a woman in your life that you want to really drive completely wild, then I can't tell you how important it is to spend a bit of time to understand this stuff.

Because the simple truth of "pay attention" is not so simple to explain in practice.

Once you see it all in context with all of the specific techniques, it will make TOTAL SENSE.

You will get that "a-ha!" moment.

The moment you realize that it's not just what you learn to DO by paying attention, but the very act of becoming totally absorbed in HER, brings you both into a state of amazing connected intimacy.

This state opens her to possibilities of pleasure that can not be reached by touch alone.

I have spent years and years of my life figuring this stuff out. And figuring out how to share the information in a way that other guys could get the same results.

I'm so sure that the information in my book is absolutely the best of its kind, that I'm putting my money where my mouth is by offering a 2 month unconditional guarantee.

It's my honest belief that this book will completely change your ability to give any
woman a mind blowing experience that she will never forget.

If I'm wrong, you don't pay.


Just click the link below and you can download it NOW, and be reading in minutes.

Get started now by clicking below and downloading your exclusive copy right now.

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