How To Get Her To Feel Sexually Attracted To You

How To Get Her To Feel Sexually Attracted To You

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I want to share with you 2 things that I believe any man can do... that will make you much more sexually attractive to women.

If you are single this can get you more dates… If you are married, just try to imagine how much better your relationship could become if you knew how to trigger your wife's sexual attraction for you?

In other words... this is important stuff, so read on...

Let me start by asking you a question...

What do WOMEN think is "sexy" anyway?

Tattoos? Clean-cut guys in well tailored suits? Danger? Money? Muscles? A feeling of security? Musicians and poets? Power? Pretty boys? Tough guys? Bad boys? Brains? A great sense of humor?

Sure. Of course. There are women that find each of these things sexy.

Some women like tattooed, rocker types. Some get turned on by clean-cut, Wall Street types, some like 'em pretty and some like 'em tough, etc.

But is there something that ALL women think is sexy? Is there something that really pushes the hot-button on every girl you'll ever meet?

There is.

In fact, there are two things.

And these two things are so powerful in the way that they affect women, that if you strongly exhibit these two qualities, it can overcome just about anything else.

In other words, if you have these qualities, you will be sexually attractive to a woman that usually goes for tattooed guys even if you're a Wall Street guy, or vice-versa.

And the really great news is, they are qualities that any man can acquire if he's willing to LEARN and to work at it a bit.

And, yes, I'm going to tell you what they are...

What you do with this information after that, is up to you...

Women are generally creatures of emotion, and men generally are about facts and results.

Of course this isn't always true, but pretty close.

And it's especially true when it comes to sexual relationships. Men want facts and results (like: what's your phone number and when are we gonna
get it on?).

But women are much more emotionally driven. (like: we'll get it on when it FEELS right to me.)

I challenge you to find a woman that disagrees with that statement.

Emotions and feelings are what really motivate most women, and your ability to make
her FEEL things, your "emotional power" over her, is key to her feelings of sexual attraction.

PASSION is the language of emotional power. And for a woman, it is the best indicator of a man's ability to FEEL things strongly...

And make HER feel things strongly...

And THAT drives women crazy.

Passion is the first of the two things that all women find sexually attractive.

Does it matter what you have a passion for?

Well, for starters, you can't go wrong with SEXUAL passion.

But she's not going to be able to read that in you immediately unless you go around with a t-shirt that says, "Hey Girls: Passionate Lover Right Here"

(I don't recommend it, by the way, but hey, it COULD work).

But seriously, passion about anything is a turn on for women.

I admit, and I guess it's obvious if you live on this planet, that artistic passion... like
passion for playing the guitar or writing powerful poetry is more attractive than passion for theoretical mathematics...

But I PROMISE you, even passion for theoretical mathematics is seriously sexy to any
woman who encounters it.

The problem is, the mathematician usually doesn't believe that others share his passion and so he, like most men, walks around suppressing or hiding his passion and his emotional power.

For women, these timid men that walk around all covered up and too weak to show their emotional power are all the same.

They are guys that are too shy or too afraid to express their passions for the guitar or poetry or mathematics. And so she can be pretty darn sure that they are too timid to show their passion in bed.

In other words...

They are just like the last guy that failed to impress her in bed.

I suppose that there are some passions that don't impress women-- like, say, passion for watching Monday Night Football with a can of beer in your hand...

But that is only because it is a passion that is so common that women don't discern it as a measure of emotional power-- just a "guy thing."

But if the same guy that went completely crazy with enthusiasm during the football game could bring that same kind of passion to other things in his life-- almost any woman would find herself drawn to him... maybe even fantasizing about him.

If you are married and your wife sees your passion for football, but feels excluded from it, then the problem is your inability to SHARE your passions with her.

I dare you to find a new passion (or re-find an old one) that kindles your excitement, and then share that excitement, without filtering it, really getting excited about it WITH your woman. Watch the result it has on her... watch how she gets swept up by it and gets pulled into you masculine power...

Sure, she may gently tease you in the moment for getting all excited about something she thinks is silly... but...

Watch what happens later that evening when you get into bed.

But getting back to my example about the mathematician...

A girl asks him, "what are you doing?" and he mumbled under his breath, "It's just math... you wouldn't be interested..."

What would it take for the mathematician to really show his passion, to really blow a woman's mind with his emotional intensity on the subject?

First of all it takes some guts. Because he is used to hiding his passion, like most of us are.

What does it take to REALLY be yourself and not care what other people think? What does it take to be so comfortable in your own skin that what other people think doesn't matter to you?

Massive confidence.

And, as it turns out, THAT is the second quality that all women find sexy:


A woman can never completely let go and trust a man that does not display confidence.

It helps if you know what you are doing... But more important is to have the attitude and the rock-solid BELIEF that you know.

In the presence of a man like that, most women feel huge amounts of sexual attraction.

Often they can't even tell you why. They just say, "there's something about him."

And to really rock a woman's world in the bedroom, the best place to start is to be confident about your sexual ability and your sexual identity.

This sexual confidence and PASSION during love-making is the single biggest turn-on for most women.

It is what allows her to surrender herself to experience pleasure that she probably has never even dreamt of.

Since the ability for a man to SHOW his passion comes down to having confidence, I guess you could say that confidence is the more important quality in being
sexually attractive to your woman.

And that makes sense.

Because while most women wouldn't explain it quite as carefully as I have done in this article, again, I challenge you:

Ask any woman you know if she agrees with this statement-- that "confidence" is the single biggest thing that all women find sexually attractive.

I think you'll see very quickly that I'm on to something very big and very true, and that you need to learn more about it--

So, here's the big question...

I said that ANY guy could learn to do these things that women find so sexually attractive.

So HOW DO YOU become the kind of sexually confident guy that women fantasize about?

In my experience, it's a bit more complicated than just deciding "I will be sexually confident from now on."

But I want you to know that it's not so much more complicated that it can't be learned.

In fact, I believe ANY man can display massive sexual confidence... the kind of sexual confidence that has his woman crawling all over him all the time... just by learning a few simple things.

The keys are both External... learning the actual skills, techniques, and "competence" in the bedroom that breeds confidence...

And Internal... learning to silence the voices of doubt and judgment (that women can sense), that can destroy that passionate sexual confidence before you ever have a chance.

On the one hand there is nothing "hard" about this process...

On the other hand, it's not likely you can go it on your own or that you'll figure it out "by accident". And because the woman in your life has gotten used to you not having this confidence and passion, and she will resist you trying to change... it will freak her out a bit.

You need the tools to handle all of these factors and really grow into your new identity
comfortably and happily.

I believe it will profoundly change your life and your relationship. And both you and your woman will be so much happier and more fulfilled when you have done it.

Plus, she will be so sexually satisfied that very little else will matter!

A great way to get started is to download your copy of my online eBook and start reading it on your computer right now.

It is is filled with incredible techniques and tips to take your sexual relationship to
levels that you can't believe until you experience them.

You can find the book and my FREE, sex tips newsletter right here:

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