Planning the Perfect First Date

Planning the Perfect First Date

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Love is an awesome feeling, isn’t it? When most people start dating, they want the best thing for their girl or guy. As they say, “first impression is always best.” Here are three ideas to wow your date and make your first impression a lasting one.

1. The dinner and movie idea is a great start for any first date. To make it memorable, start by choosing the best place for dinner. Be sure to have a little extra saved beforehand and take them to a fancy restaurant. Guys who love to take their dates to expensive places always woo women. If you’re treating a guy out, you may want to take him to a nice place where he can still get a burger and beer, if he likes. Let him pick up the tab if he feels inclined to do so. Then, discuss your favorite actors and movies. This will help you two decide on a flick before going to the theater. Nothing ends a wonderful date like a good movie and someone to cuddle.

2. Going to a concert with your date is always impressive. You can make it even better if the concert is something you will both enjoy. You can buy your concert tickets on eBay, or through a ticket vendor. There are also comedy shows, which tend to relax the mood when two people have just met. Find a comedian you both enjoy and look for tickets.

3. Having a picnic makes for a more sensual date. Picnics are ideal since they are inexpensive, but, they're also seen as romantic and personal. Your date, especially if it’s a girl, will enjoy the feeling of you two connecting. You can get to know each other more and engage more openly than you could at a noisy restaurant. The best part is you don’t have to rush, and be in and out. You and your date can enjoy the beauty of the day by walking along the beach, provided your picnic is on the beach, take a stroll in the park, or play Frisbee. This is a great way to connect with your date on a personal level.

As always, be courteous and proper when engaging with your date. Habits like picking your teeth, burping aloud, or showing your date how much you can drink isn’t flattering. Don’t be a stick in the mud either. Just be yourself—with manners.


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