Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria in "Desperate Housewives"

Eva Longoria in “Desperate Housewives”

As one of the hottest Latin babes to make a buzz in Hollywood, Eva Longoria has quickly proven that she has both the talent and the incredibly good looks to be a star. Whether it is as one of the four conniving women on “Desperate Housewives” or on the stage performing in her musical comedy show “Hot Tamales Live,” Eva is one hot firecracker. She’s also one smart cookie, graduating from Texas A&M with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology before winning a talent contest that gained her recognition from agents and a trip to Los Angeles. She quickly landed a gig on the “Bold and the Beautiful” and followed up with a series of appearances on the soap opera circuit (including “General Hospital” and “Beverly Hills, 90210”) before she was offered a full-time role on “The Young and the Restless.” Her biggest role to date was won in 2004 when she signed on to play Gabrielle Solis in ABC’s instant-hit series, “Desperate Housewives.” She became a favorite of the tabloids with her high-profile marriage to and subsequent divorce from NBA star Tony Parker.

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Iconic Character – Gabrielle on “Desperate Housewives”

Eva is having a fantastic career as she shows off her many talents and continues to look amazing. But for many fans, her role as Gaby on “Desperate Housewives” will always be a favorite. We highlihgted this character in our “TV Girlfriends” feature in the “Thy Neighbor’s Wife” catagory. Here’s what we said about the character:

“Sure, on the surface, Gabrielle Marquez Solis Lang Solis seems to be something of a vain, materialistic whore – but beneath her gift for adultery, love of haute couture, and casual relationship with the truth, Gaby is really a caring friend, loyal wife, and loving mother, the kind of woman who isn’t too proud to forgive someone for switching her birth control pills with sugar placebos, or too shallow to spend five years caring for her husband after he’s been blinded by wind-whipped debris during a freak tornado. Of course, this is also the husband she blackmailed into caring for her lovechild in exchange for her testimony during his trial for gay hate crimes, but why quibble? Point is, Gaby is a stone cold fox, whether she’s humping her teenage gardener, strong-arming her maid into acting as a surrogate womb, or stealing a pile of cash from her drug-dealing tenant/”close friend.” And it’s hard not to respect a woman who, knowing her blinded husband is getting his sight back, goes the extra mile to regain her old figure. Gaby might be happily married at the moment, but with enough persuasion, she could be just a wisteria’s width away from another roll in the hay. Just make sure you don’t stick around long enough for things to get crazy.”

Funny Gaby clips
Here are some great highlights from the show.

Eva Longoria on Video and on the Web

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Eva Longoria is a hot Latina that gets plenty of attention

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Eva Longoria is at her hottest on the beach in Malibu in a bikini.

Sexy Eva Video
Here’s a great scene from “Desperate Housewives” with Eva doing some sexy moves on the stripper pole and having a stripper grind on her hubby’s lap.

Eva Longoria on the Screen

Eva has experienced only mediocre success as an actress, but she’s never really been given much work either. Aside from her cue-card reading days as a soap actress on “The Young and the Restless” and as the female eye-candy on the short-lived revival of “Dragnet,” Eva only has her latest role on “Desperate Housewives” to rely on for an impressive CV.

Eva Says

On being with another women:
“I do wish I had that gay experience, because I think women are beautiful creatures. They’re much more attractive naked than men. And it sounds like fun. Maybe I’m just holding out for the future.”

On her “Desperate Housewives” co-stars:
“Teri Hatcher was naked…Marcia Cross is gonna be in panties and a bra. Nicollette [Sheridan]’s always in panties and a bra. So I’m not the lone lingerie-wearer.”

Eva Longoria in “Desperate Housewives”

Eva Longoria in Desperate Housewives

Eva Longoria in Desperate Housewives