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Music DVD Reviews: Review of Weezer: Video Capture Device
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Weezer: Video Capture Device (2004)

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Weezer fans may never take this disc out of their DVD players. Featuring 13 music videos and a mountain of rare footage and interesting commentary, “Weezer: Video Capture Device” easily lives up to its subtitle, “Treasures from the Vault: 1991-2002.” Each video from the band’s four studio releases is included along with several all-new videos created exclusively for this DVD, and combined with a couple documentaries, some B-roll material, live footage and “raw nuggets,” there’s more than enough here to satiate any Weezer nut.

Of course, the videos are the big attraction, a baker’s dozen in all, from 1994’s “Undone - the Sweater Song” and “Buddy Holly” to 2002’s “Dope Nose” and “Keep Fishin’.” Favorites like “Say It Ain’t So,” “El Scorcho” and “Hash Pipe” also are include, showing Weezer from its earliest roots to its most recent releases. The band members recall memories from each shoot and talk about some of the directors they worked with in the audio commentary, available for every video but one, the first version of “Island in the Sun.” The commentary is particularly interesting for “Buddy Holly,” the song that kick-started the band’s early success and one of the three videos with famed director Spike Jonze behind the camera.

For true Weezer connoisseurs, though, this DVD scores its biggest points with the included extras. There are “making of” segments documenting the recordings of the Blue Album, the band’s first release, and Pinkerton, its sophomore effort, along with alternate versions of several songs, including “Undone, “Say It Ain’t So” and “The Good Life,” and live versions of even more tunes. The “Raw Nuggets” section offers some extremely rough home-video video footage of the band’s earliest moments, reaching all the way back to their days as 60 Wrong Sausages in 1991. There are even television ads for each studio album and a full credits reel, listing all the band members from 1992 along with directing, writing and photo acknowledgements for each of the videos, all the additional footage and the DVD itself.

While the casual Weezer fan probably will be overwhelmed by the wealth of material on “Weezer: Video Capture Device,” there’s something here for anyone who’s ever sung along with “Buddy Holly” or “Hash Pipe.” Buy this DVD for the videos alone but don’t ignore the commentary and all the other exceptional extras. 

~Jamey Codding 



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