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Meet our latest crush, a 20-year-old firecracker from New Jersey who vaguely resembles Alyson Hannigan and calls herself Charlotte Sometimes (so named for the kid lit book, not the Cure song). Her debut album, Waves and the Both of Us, is super-catchy pop with both attitude and a libido (sample lyric: “Do you think of her / Hands on my waist / And do you think of me when she screams your name?”). Bullz-Eye fired some questions via email to Charlotte as she braves the Vans Warped tour in, you guessed it, a van full of boys. Never has a response with an emoticon seemed so sexy.

Bullz-Eye: When we first heard the band name Charlotte Sometimes, we first thought of a bunch of clueless, self-loathing emo dorks. Thank you for not being a bunch of clueless, self-loathing emo dorks.

Charlotte Sometimes: You're very welcome.

BE: What is it like to be produced by a guy named Sluggo?

CS: I honestly had no idea that he calls himself that. I remember looking at something in an email and being like, ”Uh, who's Sluggo?”

BE: How did you catch [co-producer and A&R rep] Jack Joseph Puig's eye? What is your favorite album that he has worked on?

CS: He had heard about me through my manager and I went to play for him and the label in LA. He liked that I was honest and could hold my own playing by myself. I was loud and not afraid of him. I really enjoy everything he does, so I don't have one favorite. I think the man is brilliant.

BE: Are you a fan of the Cure song that "bears your name"?

CS: I've only listened to it a handful of times, so I can't say I'm a hardcore fan.

BE: Is it true when you say in your bio that you're not very successful at relationships? Because we'd totally try to make it work, 'cause you're, like, really cute.

CS: It's unfortunate but true! However, now that I have an offer... ;)

BE: How do you handle the issues of touring? Do you share a bus with your stinky boy bandmates, or travel solo?

CS: I cry a lot, haha! I try to talk to my friends at home and complain about know, whine. I share a VAN with my stinky boy bandmates, but they are such a great support system and keep laughing all day, even if they are smelly!

"I hate (Eiffel 65’s) “I'm Blue” song... that song makes me want to hurt people."

BE: Have you run into resistance from industry types with regard to the no-nonsense sexual approach of your lyrics? If so, did you respond by playing them Saving Abel's single and punching them in the face?

CS: I actually never got any resistance from them. It's kind of what they liked about me. But I wish they did, because I'd love to be able to play that single and knock some people out, ha ha!

BE: Put your iPod on shuffle, and tell me the first five songs that play.

CS: “Trashcan,” by Delta Spirit. “Your Only Doll,” by Laura Marling. “Superstar,” by Tegan and Sara. “You,” by George Harrison. “Does He Love you?” by Rilo Kiley.

BE: If you could erase one song from history, what would it be?

CS: Hmm... I hate [Eiffel 65’s] “I'm Blue” song... that song makes me want to hurt people. Or wait…nah, that's it.

BE: On the flip side, what three songs do you wish you had written?

CS: “Fuck and Run” by Liz Phair, like WTF I should have written that. “I Will Follow You into the Dark” by Death Cab for Cutie. Ben Gibbard is a brilliant lyricist. “Without You,” thought it was written by Harry Nilsson. I don't know who wrote it (Ed. note: Pete Ham and Tom Evans of Badfinger), but I wish I did.

BE: Who would you like to work with on your next album?

CS: I am not sure yet. I know I want it to be a lot more organic and folky...or the opposite, so who knows.

BE: Time to suck up to your label: who's your favorite Geffen band, past or present?

CS: Shit! Hmmm...probably Lifehouse! Ha ha, I love that band, I don't care what you say!

BE: What is the hardest thing about being a woman rocker that people outside the biz would never understand?

CS: Having PMS. I think I should get those days off!

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