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Which Music Service is Right for You?Which Music Service is Right for You?
November 14, 2011

Jeff Morgan breaks down the various music services available for streaming your tunes on the web.

All Work and No Playlist: Andrew McMahon of Jack's MannequinAll Work and No Playlist: Andrew McMahon of Jack's Mannequin
October 18, 2011

The Jack's Mannequin frontman offers up the 10 songs that are currently rocking his world (and his iTunes playlist).

All Work and No Playlist: Mark O'Connell of Taking Back SundayAll Work and No Playlist: Mark O'Connell of Taking Back Sunday
June 20, 2011

Taking Back Sunday drummer Mark O'Connell sat down with us recently to talk about some of his favorite songs.

All Work and No Playlist: Saam Hagshenan of Hey ChampAll Work and No Playlist: Saam Hagshenan of Hey Champ
May 26, 2011

The lead singer of the Chicago synth-rock trio kicks off our newest feature with the 10 tracks that get his mojo risin'.

Your 2011 St. Patrick's Day PlaylistYour 2011 St. Patrick's Day Playlist
March 16, 2011

Get in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day with this list of songs about drinking, the effects of drinking, and the vow that many of you will make the following morning. 

Year End Music Review2010 Year End Music Review
December 8, 2010

While the instant accessibility of music yields a ton of minor hits with far fewer major ones, we still managed to uncover a few gems in 2010.

Life Saving AlbumsSomeone Saved My Life Tonight
September 30, 2010

Guys may not be allowed to show their true feelings, but at least we had albums like Joe Jackson's Laughter & Lust and the "Garden State" soundtrack to lean on in tough times.

Seen Your VideoSeen Your Video
September 14, 2010

Directors like David Fincher, Michael Bay and Spike Jonze got their start by telling rock stars to act like rock stars. Check out our list of music video directors who jumped to the big screen.

2010 Lollapalooza Recap2010 Lollapalooza Recap
August 13, 2010

Green Day and Lady Gaga were two of the biggest acts at Lollapalooza, but who drew the bigger crowd? David Medsker chronicles his weekend at Grant Park.

2010 Jazzfest Recap2010 Jazzfest Recap
May 19, 2010

Greg Schwartz spent five days in the Big Easy and took everything the city threw at him. It was a weekend highlighted by shows from Pearl Jam, Widespread Panic and... Steve Martin?

2010 Ultra Music Fest2010 Ultra Music Fest
April 28, 2010

PMGS headed down to Miami to check out what the world's largest electronic musical festival had in store.

2010 SXSW Recap2010 SXSW Recap
March 29, 2010

No other festival in the world immerses you in four days and nights of music in a city where you not only catch some of your favorite bands, but also randomly discover new favorites on pure happenstance because there is so much going on.

2000's music in reviewThe Decade in Review
December 18, 2009

Our music staff provides a 21st Century Breakdown, singling out the best and worst albums, artists, songs and more from the 2000's.

Not Quite Infinite PlaylistBullz-Eye's Not Quite Infinite Playlist
December 02, 2009

The Bullz-Eye staff offers up 10 songs we've been listening to that you should load on your iPod, ASAP.

Beatles ReissuesBullz-Eye Discusses the Beatles Reissues
September 11, 2009

The Beatles may be the one band in history that won't be scoffed at for reissuing a complete catalog of remastered work.

2009 Lollapalooza Recap2009 Lollapalooza Recap
August 14, 2009

The lineup was epic and the weather was biblical. The only thing we were missing was a plague of frogs. And if we had a beer for every Zooey Deschanel wannabe we saw in Grant Park, we’d be dead.

15 Great Bands We Used to Hate15 Great Bands We Used to Hate
July 22, 2009

They say that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. These 15 musicians disagree.

Rock Hall SnubsLet the Right Ones In
March 27, 2009

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has its prejudices when it comes to selecting those worthy enough for induction. Here are 10 artists who have gotten the shaft.

Stalker love songsI Love You So Much, I Hate Myself
February 9, 2009

Hey, stalkers need a soundtrack too! Check out our list of stalker anthems, love songs for the spineless and murder ballads.

Your Favorite Band SucksYour Favorite Band Sucks
January 19, 2009

Okay, so it may be harsh to say your favorite band sucks, but there are all sorts of popular artists that some of our music writers just don't get. Elvis Costello and Nine Inch Nails, we're looking at you....

2008 Year End Review2008 Year End Review
December 24, 2008

The Billboard Singles chart has forsaken us, but as long as we have bands like Fleet Foxes, Fucked Up, Deerhunter and the Midnight Juggernauts, we’ll get over it. Indeed, we’ll be better off because of it.

First concert memoriesDo You Remember the First Time?
October 6, 2008

You never forget your first concert, particularly if you had Kiss or Green Day pop your cherry.

Great music booksRock of Pages
March 3, 2008

Writing about music is like dancing about architecture, but you may be surprised by just how many great books there are for the literate music fan.

2007 Year End Review2007 Year End Review
December 21, 2007

If you took a quick glance at our picks for favorite albums of 2007, you’d swear that we actually have some taste. And in truth, we’d like to think we do.

Hope You Enjoy My New Box SetHope You Enjoy My New Box Set
October 19, 2007

The Bullz-Eye writers put together a few of our favorite box sets. They make great gifts for any music geek.

Music History's Biggest Sophomore SlumpsMusic History's Biggest Sophomore Slumps
September 28, 2007

They say you get your whole life to make your first album, and two weeks to make your second. These 20 artists could have used a bit more time.

2007 Lollapalooza Recap2007 Lollapalooza Recap
August 10, 2007

Lollapalooza 2007 was all about the kids, with very few bands that would appeal to anyone over 27. It might have been smart for bringing fans back the next year, but it's a slap in the face to the audiences that made Lollapalooza in years past.

The Summer of LoveThe Summer of Love
July 20, 2007

It's hard to believe The Summer of Love was 40 years ago. That summer was more than your typical revolution, it changed the face of the entire music industry.

Bands That Should Break UpBands That Should Break Up
June 15, 2007

Most bands will eventually hit a point that they should call it quits. Some should never have gotten started. These are the high profilers we wish would hang up their guitars.

Bands That Should ReuniteBands That Should Reunite
June 15, 2007

Plenty of bands called it quits just as they were hitting a stride. Our list includes some favorites we know you want back, and a certain band you would never expect.

Bullz-Eye's Best Music of 2006Bullz-Eye's Best Music of 2006
December 22, 2006

From Gnarls Barkley to Regina Spektor, 2006 was a great year with some big names, but it's the names you don't know that made this year of music great.

Louisville, Kentucky: The Next Seattle?Louisville, Kentucky: The Next Seattle?
February 23, 2006

Few people think of Louisville as the hotbed of indie rock, but the city is proving it has some of the most promising sound outside Seattle.

Bullz-Eye Year in Music: 2005Bullz-Eye Year in Music: 2005
December 23, 2005

Despite its financial struggles, the music industry continues to fire on all cylinders, creatively.

Octone Records: Simple philosophy + great artists = big successOctone Records: Simple philosophy + great artists = big success
November 28, 2005

Launched a little over four years ago, Octone is best known for signing and breaking Maroon 5, one of the hottest acts on the pop charts today.

Coldplay: Today the girl next door. Tomorrow the world.Coldplay: Today the girl next door. Tomorrow the world.
June 15, 2005

Perhaps the most amazing aspect of Coldplay’s rise to superstardom is that they did it without a magnanimous lead singer, K-Mart sponsorships or swearing on national television.

Sexy Album Covers
This was a fun list to put together!

Van Halen career retrospectiveVan Halen Career Retrospective
July 13, 2004

When the 50-year-old Eddie and little brother Alex hit the road in June for a full-blown 40-plus city tour of America, with VH Mach II singer Sammy Hagar in tow, it was for the express purpose of disproving not only their critics but fans alike.

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