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What happens when a decade comes to an end, and nobody cares? Regrettably, that's the general consensus amongst the Bullz-Eye music staff. "Guys, we need to talk about the decade in music." Their response: "Do we have to?"

It's a fair point, really. Musically speaking, the 2000s -- or the aughts, or whatever the hell you want to call them -- were something that we suffered through, rather than reveled in. There were scores of great albums released during the last 10 years, no question, but despite the incredible technological advances that helped increase music's exposure (iTunes, MySpace, etc.), it actually became harder to find those albums due to the sheer volume of music that was being released on a weekly basis. By the decade's end, musical tastes became so personalized and fragmented that virtually no two people were listening to the same bands. Indeed, a quick glance at the lists of our writers' favorite albums features next to no crossover, which makes sense when you consider that the 2000s didn't have a Nevermind or Appetite for Destruction, that one album that brought everyone together. And without those supernova moments, the 2000s, on the surface, seem directionless, the first decade of the rock era without an identity.

Ah, but identities are for people who need to be told what to remember. History might forget our favorite albums, but we won't. Take a trip with the Bullz-Eye music staff and see where their musical journeys took them. And of course, let us know if we left out that one super awesome killer album that everyone on the planet has to have right this second. Unless it's an emo record, in which case we're not interested. Kidding. Sort of.

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