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We have never been so proud to be as out of step with conventional wisdom as we appear to be this year. Whether it’s showing love for bands that were either abandoned by its fans (Panic at the Disco) or eviscerated by a supposedly trustworthy snark rock mag (Airborne Toxic Event), or even praising the album that the entire world couldn’t wait to trash (Guns n’ Roses), we spent 2008 flipping a big middle finger to any fair-weathered tastemakers who dared tell us we don’t “get it.” The truth is, we get it just fine, but the majority of our staff has enough life experience (i.e. we’re old) to see things for what they are. Katy Perry isn’t controversial; she’s the phoniest phony in all of Phonyland. Timbaland may be the most sought-after producer working today, but he’s also the most overrated. So yes, the Billboard Singles chart has forsaken us, but as long as we have bands like Fleet Foxes, Fucked Up, Deerhunter and the Midnight Juggernauts, we’ll get over it. Indeed, we’ll be better off because of it.

And so will you, if you check out our writer’s picks for best of the year. After our first batch of writers reveals their 2008 selections, come back on December 29 and then December 30 for the rest of our staff's year-end picks.

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