Tribe interview, Greg LoPiccolo interview

A couple of questions with Greg LoPiccolo of Tribe

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Bullz-Eye: For those folks who are just learning about Abort now, can you give a nutshell of your career prior to its release?

Greg LoPiccolo: We were pretty much just a Boston band, doing shows around town.

BE: Do you recall any anecdotes from the recording of the album?

GL: It is all kind of a blur. I remember staying up all night with Eric in a basement recording studio in New Jersey, trying to get the guitar overdubs complete in time to mix.

BE: Did you expect the record to have a better commercial reception than it did?

GL: I don't actually remember what our expectations were. We were just happy to get it done.

BE: Are you pleased to find that it still maintains enough of a following to make its way into this piece?

GL: It is pretty cool that some folks still find it worth listening to.

BE: What are you doing now?

GL: I (and Eric, for that matter) work for Harmonix Music Systems in Cambridge MA. We make music-themed video games, most recently “Guitar Hero.”

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