Nik Kershaw interview

A couple of questions with Nik Kershaw

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Bullz-Eye: For those learning about 15 Minutes now, can you give a nutshell summary of your career prior to its release?

Nik Kershaw: In a nutshell, little fella, big hair, string of hits in the mid-Eighties, got screamed at rather a lot, played at Live Aid, stopped recording in 1990 to concentrate on writing and producing, got bored and recorded 15 Minutes during 1997.

BE: Do you have any stories about the recording of the album?

NK: It was just something to keep me amused between arguing with A & R men. I started coming up with ideas that were totally inappropriate for the artists I was writing for, so I saved them all up, nailed them together, and made 15 Minutes. The finished tracks sat around for ages until my ex-manager demanded to hear them. He suggested that there might be members of the general public who'd be interested in hearing it, so I signed a two-album deal with Eagle Records.

BE: Did you expect the record to have a better commercial reception than it did?

NK: I didn't expect anyone other than my mother to buy it. (I gave her a discount!)

BE: Are you please to find that it still maintains enough of a following to make its way into this piece?

NK: Pleased and astonished! There are parts of the album I'm very proud of, and it's gratifying to know it's appreciated.

BE: What are you doing now?

NK: Still doing bits and pieces of promo for the last album (2006’s You've Got To Laugh) and about to start work on the next one.

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