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For those just learning about Can You Still Feel? now, can you give a nutshell summary of your career prior to its release?

 Can You Still Feel? was my second solo record, recorded late ‘97 / early ‘98. My first solo record came out in ‘96. Prior to that, I had a band called the Grays, and prior to that I was an original member of San Francisco band Jellyfish…and there were many off-kilter “nu wave” garage bands before that. 

Do you recall any anecdotes from the recording of the album?  
I brought in producer Nigel Godrich to make the record with, and we went to what was Daniel Lanois’ studio in New Orleans for 2 months. The studio – called Kingsway (R.I.P.) – was a giant mansion that you lived and recorded in. I played all the instruments on both records, so needless to say it was a blast running from room to room, being followed around by Nigel with a mike in his hand.

 Did you expect it to have a better commercial reception than it did?

 I did…but when I make music, the last thing on my mind is how many records I will sell. Maybe that’s why I don't sell that many. Hmmm. It must be said that, while Elektra gave me the freedom to do whatever I wanted musically (and, believe me, that isn't normal for record companies), they didn't promote either record at all, so I was kinda stranded after it came out.

 Are you pleased to find that it still maintains enough of a following to make its way into this piece?

 Of course! I'm still very proud of that record and can be objective enough to notice that it has aged well!  

What are you doing now?

I have a new solo record that should be out by the summer. Last year, I played a bit of guitar on the latest Paul McCartney record and am working on the Oceans 13 soundtrack as I type this. Busy bee. 

Check out Jason Falkner''s official site for more info.