Tim Heap interview, Heap On the Cheap interview

Tim Heap interview, Heap On the Cheap interview

A Couple of Questions with Tim Heap of Heap 

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For those just learning about On the Cheap now, can you give a nutshell summary of your career prior to its release? 

Heap has existed in various incarnations since 1995, based in NYC, playing in the Northeast. Prior to On the Cheap, we released a 45 single and a full-length CD titled Don't Call Us, We Already Broke Up.  

Do you recall any anecdotes from the recording of the album?  

As the title suggests, this was recorded wherever and whenever we could get free or cheap studio time, over the course of a year or so. Our bass player, David Merrill, is an audio engineer and did the bulk of the recording and mixing. The record spans a period of time in which we went through some personnel changes, so there are 2 incarnations of the band that play on this.  

Did you expect it to have a better commercial reception than it did?  

No, I don't think we really had any unrealistic expectations about becoming wildly popular. We're pleased with the positive responses (like this piece) that we've gotten; we're happy when anyone spreads the word about us. The CD got us some wider interest, and we got to play some more shows as a result. It's all good in our book.  

Are you pleased to find that it still maintains enough of a following to make its way into this piece?  

See my answer to the last question!

What are you doing now?  

We're working on a new studio CD, which we'll be releasing this year; it's almost done, we're happy with the songs and the recording, and we're excited about another release. Look for it on Rave On Records. We've also got a live CD which we hope to release as well…maybe in conjunction with this one. We're still playing regularly, we all still love playing, and we're hoping that 2007 is good to us!

Check out Heap's official site for more info.