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Valentine's Day Mix

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Quick show of hands: does anyone really like Valentine’s Day? For single people, it’s an unpleasant reminder that you’re single (and therefore, in the eyes of the good people at Hallmark Cards, a loser). For couples, it’s yet another obligation to go out and do something special for your sweetie, despite the fact that you’ve already done that at Christmas, your anniversary, Mother’s/Father’s Day, his or her birthday and, if you really go overboard, your date-iversary as well. Enough already.

While everyone at Bullz-Eye is either happily married or happily involved (except for our fearless leader, who is happily neither), we see both sides of this dilemma, and have assembled a mix disc for the lovers and another for the fighters. There’s plenty of joy and pain (but not sunshine and rain) to go around. Dig in.
Ain't Love Grand?
Madness, "It Must Be Love"
Elton John, "Your Song"
Split Enz, "Message to My Girl"
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Ain't Love Grand? Love Bites Love Bites
U2, "So Cruel"
Aimee Mann, "Say Anything"
Guns 'n Roses, "Locomotive"
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