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Internet Movie Database
This may be the best, most comprehensive movie site out there. Provides links to movie reviews, a listing of movies opening each week, a box-office summary, the top 250 movies of all time (as voted by IMDB users) and more. You can also search for movie times in your area by entering your zip code.

Rotten Tomatoes
If you want to check out a bunch of reviews, this is the best site out there, with tons of submissions from around the country for each feature film.

Dark Horizons
One of the best entertainment news sites on the web, Dark Horizons features movie rumors, on-set reports and reviews.

Roger Ebert
You can check out Ebert's current movie reviews from this site along with his reviews of some of the best films ever made. Ebert is one of the most talented critics around, so you can actually enjoy the review itself.

Hollywood Online Movie Guide
Each review provides a short synopsis of the movie being reviewed, the genre, the rating, the cast, the credits (director, studio, producer), the running time and the theatrical release date. Start here for basic movie information. You can also view a movie's trailer, check out the movie's soundtrack and link to the movie's official Web site.

Hollywood Stock Exchange
This is a great site for movie buffs. This site basically operates a game that allows registered users to purchase and trade in stocks represented by current and planned movies along with movie stars. Play the game of predicting which movies will be popular.

Movie Freak
Honest, straight-forward, critical analysis of the latest movies playing in theatres and at home on DVD.

Movie Sounds
How can you resist revisiting and reciting some of the best "one-liners" from movies of the past and present? Go check out lines from "Animal House" and other classic movies now!

If you need a movie time in your area, this is the easiest and fastest site out there. It's also loaded with reader ratings and more.

Another comprehensive site covering movies.

You'll find the screenplays for many of your favorite movies on this site. Also, some of Drew's rantings on the site are absolutely hilarious.

Ain't It Cool News
This is a great site for those of you who are obsessed with movies. The rantings of Harry Knowles are fun to read. He goes on and on flushing out different scenes and plot lines in movies that he loves or hates, but many of his observations are right on the money. The site also has news and gossip-- Harry is always trying to break new stories about Hollywood. This site is what the web is all about -- providing a forum for a devoted fan who has something to say and has the talent to make it interesting and entertaining.

Shop Amazon's massive inventory of videos and DVDs, plus you can also find user reviews, movie show times and other information.

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