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Ashley Greene

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When a publicist wrote us and asked if we'd like five minutes with Ashley Greene, best known for her role as the clairvoyant vampire Alice Cullen in the "Twilight" series, a game of Top That Pun broke out that would make Austin Powers blush. Eventually, we came to our senses, and responded with a simple but dignified "Hell yes."

And as an added bonus, Ms. Greene would be recorded on video answering our questions (see below), and happened to be promoting something patently awesome: the five minutes were in conjunction with Greene's recent photo shoot for Sports Illustrated, where her "clothing" consisted of two skinsuits in the style of SoBe Lifewater bottles (to promote their two new flavors) painted on her naked body. Wowzers. Speaking to us from a studio in New York - which was very odd because she sounded like she was on the phone, even though you can clearly see she wasn't - Greene details the experience of having two body suits painted on her, and suffers our inevitable "Twilight" questions with good grace. We even gave her the chance to promote an upcoming movie...which she used to promote another movie, scheduled to play at Sundance. Huh

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