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2010 Fall Movie Preview: September

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The American (September 1)

So what if the trailer for Anton Corbijn’s latest looks like a lukewarm leftover of every “aged spy doing one last mission” flick you’ve ever seen? Nobody does dapper and slightly grizzled better than George Clooney -- he’s finally reached the point where he has the wrinkles (or “character,” whichever you prefer) to justify all the Cary Grant comparisons he received earlier in his career -- and we get so many crappy espionage movies, it’s comforting to read a couple of names we can trust on the poster for “The American.”

Machete (September 3)

Remember how awesome you thought it was that Sam Jackson was actually going to star in a movie called “Snakes on a Plane”? Not awesome enough to actually go see it, right? Robert Rodriguez is hoping the same fate doesn't await "Machete," the ludicrously bloody Danny Trejo action flick that grew out of a fake (at the time) trailer attached to "Grindhouse." Odds are "Machete's" box office won't be as hot as its buzz would seem to indicate; on the other hand, after watching this trailer, we totally can't wait to see the finished product.

Never Let Me Go (September 15)

The suddenly ubiquitous Carey Mulligan stars alongside Kiera Knightley and future “Spider-Man” reboot star Andrew Garfield in this adaptation of the 2005 Kazuo Ishiguro novel about a British boarding school that is not, to put it mildly, what it seems. Sound vague? Rest assured that the novel threw readers for a loop -- and with “One Hour Photo” director Mark Romanek in charge, we like the film version’s odds.

Easy A (September 17)

Aiming to do for "The Scarlet Letter" what "10 Things I Hate About You" did for "The Taming of the Shrew," "Easy A" stars the ever-likable Emma Stone as a high school student who agrees to help a friend by pretending they had sex -- and then finds herself caught in a whirlwind of nasty gossip. Is it too much to expect hard-edged satire? Probably, but Stone is as responsible as anyone for our current golden age of teen comedy.

The Town (September 17)

Ben Affleck notches his second directorial effort with this tale of a crew of high-stakes bank robbers (led by Affleck and Jeremy Renner) whose racket is endangered when one of the members (that'd be Affleck again) falls in love...with a bank teller. Is it another thriller held together with unlikely coincidences? Indeed. But formula ain't formula unless it works, and with It Guy Renner and a newly re-ascendant Affleck starring, this "Town" looks like a nice place to visit.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (September 24)

Michael Douglas returns to arguably his most iconic screen character (that'd be the greed-espousing Gordon Gekko) with this long-delayed -- and yet still quite timely -- sequel to "Wall Street." Because every third movie these days has to star Shia LaBeouf and/or Josh Brolin, Douglas has a pair of younger co-stars to deal with this time around (not to mention the suddenly everywhere Carey Mulligan), but if "Money Never Sleeps" ends up being a hit, it'll be because filmgoers are eager to reunite with Mr. "Greed Is Good" himself.

You Again (September 24)

If we must have yet another movie about a wedding that turns women into bitchy ninnies, it might as well star Kristen Bell, Jamie Lee Curtis, Betty White, and Sigourney Weaver, right? Bell plays a woman who discovers that her brother is marrying her high school tormentor, then proceeds (naturally) to try and run the wedding off the rails. Weaver plays the bride’s mother -- who, of course, bullied Bell’s mom (Curtis) back in the day. We find the synopsis as painful as you probably do, but how do you ignore that cast?

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