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Eastern Promises (2007)

It’s the ultimate cinematic quagmire for any straight man – to watch or not to watch – but if you’re not afraid to admit it, it’s safe to say that David Cronenberg’s “Eastern Promises” features one of the coolest fight scenes of the past few years. It takes balls (literally) to film a sequence where you’re forced to defend yourself against two knife- wielding Russian goons while naked in a bathhouse, but Viggo Mortensen pulls it off, all while earning his spot as one of the decade’s coolest badasses. Sure, Viggo’s junk may be flapping around as he fights for his life (and there’s more bare ass than any straight man would care to see), but there’s something very primitive about the whole setup that gets your testosterone going. Forget for a moment that Viggo doesn’t have any clothes – he doesn’t have any weapons, either, but still manages to single-handedly take down both goons between countless slashes and gashes to his body. And just when you think the fight is over, as Viggo crawls across the bathhouse floor and over one of the seemingly dead Russians, the dude springs back to life horror style and grabs the blade out of his own chest, forcing Viggo to break his arm and stab him in the eye. Ouch.

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