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Witless Protection (2008) Starring: Larry the Cable Guy, Peter Stormare, Eric Roberts, Ivana Milicevic, Joe Mantegna
Director: Charles Robert Carner
Rating: PG-13
Category: Comedy
Studio: Lionsgate

Opens February 22

The Pitch: Larry the Cable Guy plays a small-town dolt (surprise!) whose interference in an FBI operation accidentally saves the life of a witness in a corporate corruption trial. Add poop jokes, rinse, repeat.

The Buzz: People keep buying tickets to Larry's concerts and movies, and paying for his shitty records, and despite our continued pleas to congressmen and senators, the law still prevents us from killing them all. If you watched "Delta Farce" and thought to yourself "What this movie could use is more Larry the Cable Guy," then "Witless Protection" is for you. (Actually, if you bought a ticket to see "Delta Farce," you probably can't read, and will therefore never see this, but whatever.)

Trailer Highlight: No trailer yet, but we're relatively certain there won't be a highlight even when the trailer debuts.

Bottom Line: From Hell's heart, Larry the Cable Guy, we stab at thee.

Official Site: N/A

~Jeff Giles

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