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The Eye (2008) Starring: Jessica Alba
Director: David Moreau, Xavier Palud
Rating: NR
Category: Drama / Horror / Thriller
Studio: Lionsgate

Opens February 1

The Pitch: A woman (Alba) receives a cornea transplant that leaves her with haunting images of her new body parts' previous owner.

The Buzz: The whole "Let's remake a horror movie from Japan or Hong Kong" trend has cooled considerably, but then, Alba has never shown herself to be particularly adept at choosing scripts. That said, there's definitely a built-in audience for this stuff (and by "this stuff," we mean "Jessica Alba").

Trailer Highlight: ...Unless "Jessica Alba" spends the whole movie looking like a wet cat, in which case we say she's looking at yet another box office dud.

Bottom Line: Can't be any scarier than "Fantastic Four 2."

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~Jeff Giles

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