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How She Move (2008) Starring: Tracey Armstrong, Clé Bennett, Nina Dobrey, Romina D'Ugo
Director: Ian Iqbal Rashid
Rating: PG-13
Category: Drama
Studio: Paramount Vantage

Opens January 25

The Pitch: The trailer lays it all out in the first couple seconds: "When my parents lost everything...that meant there was no more money for private school." And when there's no more money for private school, you know what happens -- time to head back to your old public school in the 'hood, where you can throw down, stand up for your rights, join the step squad, and maybe -- just maybe -- learn a little something about yourself.

The Buzz: More beats 'n' bromides from MTV Films, where the bar seems to be set just a little lower with each successive film. Remember how dumb we all thought "Save the Last Dance" was just a few years ago? Feast your eyes on "How She Move" and pray for us all.

Trailer Highlight: We were all set to say "the dancing," but really, not even the dancing is all that impressive.

Bottom Line: Twenty years ago, this would have been a Very Special Episode of "The Facts of Life." It probably would have sucked a little more, but at least it would have been over in half an hour and had commercial breaks.

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~Jeff Giles

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