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The Perfect Holiday (2007) Starring: Gabrielle Union, Morris Chestnut, Queen Latifah, Terrence Howard, Malik Hammond, Charlie Murphy, Faizon Love, Jeremy Gumbs, Jill Marie Jones, Rachel True
Director: Lance Rivera
Rating: PG
Category: Comedy
Studio: Yari

Opens December 12

The Pitch: Like you need us to tell you, but okay: Union plays a single mom who doesn't take time for herself and is just looking for a normal guy. Chestnut plays the part-time department store Santa who presents himself as an office-supply salesman in an effort to woo her. Everyone else plays a different wacky stereotype. Stir, add corn for flavor, repeat.

The Buzz: You aren't going to hear any buzz on this because most national publications could care less about "black" films, which is shitty. Then again, all appearances indicate that this film is shitty too.

Trailer Highlight: Nothing beats hearing a honky narrator utter the phrase "ain't havin' it."

Bottom Line: It seems harmless enough, but there are probably better places for your money on December 12.

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~Jeff Giles

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