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Barnyard (2006) Starring: voices of Kevin James, Courtney Cox, Danny Glover, Sam Elliott, Andie McDowell, Wanda Sykes, Maurice LaMarche
Director: Steve Oedekerk
Rating: PG
Category: Comedy

Opens July 28

The Pitch: Cows steal a car, make fun of humans. Wheee.

The Buzz: Is there that much demand for talking animals? Coming on the heels of “The Wild” and “Over the Hedge” – not to mention “Chicken Little” – this movie would have to be extraordinary in order to survive…and it looks anything but extraordinary.

Trailer Highlight: If we can think of one, we’ll get back to you.

Bottom Line: Just because it’s made for kids doesn’t mean you have to take your kids to see it. Show some discretion; it’s the only way they’ll learn.

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~David Medsker

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