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When we were contacted about doing an interview with a Playboy Playmate that's starring in the brand new "American Pie Presents: Band Camp" (available on DVD December 26), we felt a lot like the kid in "Animal House" after the girl with the bunny ears and tail flies through his window, and he shouts, "Thank you, God!" to the heavens. Then they said, "Great, she'll call you on Friday," and we died a small death. A phone interview. Sigh.

Still, the Playmate, one Angela Little (Miss August 1998), couldn't have been sweeter, and as we soon discovered, along with her "boobalicious" (her word, not ours) talents, she has the ability to positively crack up Tim Robbins.

Angela Little: Hi, David!

Bullz-Eye: Hi, Angela, how are you?

AL: I'm fantastic, thank you.

BE: Are you on the west coast?

AL: I am! Where are you?

BE: I'm in Ohio.

AL: O-Hi-o, what part?

BE: Columbus.

AL: Oh, is that where all the motorcycles are made?

BE: (laughs) That's a very good question. I'm not sure.

AL: I thought it was a big Harley Davidson town or something.

BE: I know that Nationwide Insurance is headquartered here, so we're a rockin' city, let me tell ya.

AL: (laughs) Well, the city I'm from (Albertville, AL) is the fire hydrant capital of the world. Top that one! (laughs)

BE: I couldn't possibly. Are you the only one doing press for the movie?

AL: God, I hope not!

BE: I didn't know if the other Playmates were being put up to it as well.

AL: I don't know.'ll have to ask Christine.

BE: Got it. (Editor's note: we have no idea who Christine is.) How many people are you talking to today?

AL: I think four. And (correcting us and our liberal use of the word "Playmate") there's one other Playmate in the movie, and Rachel (Veltri, who plays Dani), she was featured in the magazine. And just to educate you a little, when you talk to other Playmates in the future, if you have a centerfold you know, the pull out thing, with all the stats? that's a Playmate. If you're just well, not JUST but if you have a spread, no pun intended, then you're not considered "a Playmate."

BE: But you were a bona fide Playmate, though.

AL: I'm a (chuckles) boner fide, God, there's just-

BE: The puns just keep coming, don't they?

AL: They do!

BE: See, look, I just did it again.

AL: Well, my mind is in the gutter always, so...

BE: So tell us about the movie and the character you play.

AL: The character I play, she's really introspective, and, I'm kidding. She's an ornery/horny band camp counselor. I have sour grapes and am bitter about Steve Stifler (Seann William Scott's character, who is not in "Band Camp") dumping me, so when I find out that the star of the movie, Matt Stifler (Tad Hilgenbrink), is his brother, I have it out for him, and have issues with him, so I'm kinda mean. But it doesn't really go into that, except for one scene. It's more about me and Omar Benson Miller...I don't know if you know who he is-

BE: I watched the trailer on the web site.

AL: Well, he's this 6'5" African American, he's my love interest.

BE: He's 6'5"? And you're 5'2", right?

AL: I'm 5'2", so he's a giant, and so it's funny, the dichotomy of contrast. So I pursue him. He's submissive, I'm more assertive. I kind of attack him during a scene. I can't give too much away, but it's hysterical. And I'm also a dance choreographer. So you get to see me dancing around, and shakin' it, and teaching the drum line how to dance.

BE: Were you a fan of the franchise before you signed on for this?

AL: Oh, my God, yes, yes! But I never did get to see "American Pie 3" ("American Wedding"), I'm ashamed to say.

BE: That's okay, I haven't seen it, either.

AL: But everyone that I speak to, you know, people I would never imagine in a hundred years that liked it were like, "Oh, God, I can't wait for the fourth one!" (surprised) Really? But yeah, it's a really big franchise, it has a really big following. ("Band Camp" is) totally different from the first two. It's different characters, a whole different cast, except for Eugene Levy. God, he's amazing.

BE: Who knew that Stifler had a little brother?

AL: I think they get him drunk in a scene in the second one. He's a little, annoying shit.

BE: It's been years since I've seen it, so I've honestly forgotten. (Sure enough, Angela is right. There is a credit in "American Pie 2" to "Stifler's Brother")

AL: Yeah, so the ardent fans, I think they'll know. But it's a different guy, it's not the same dude that's playing him.

BE: I was going through the details on the DVD, and it says that there's a bit about lessons with Ginger Lynn, but she's not credited in the movie. What was her involvement?

AL: Oh, she's not? She's not credited?

BE: No, not on the IMDb page.

AL: Oh. Well, her involvement, she plays a surly nurse, you know, like a band camp nurse. That's about all I know with her. And I do interview her in the � I don't know if it stayed in the DVD features, I haven't watched all of the features, I'm getting a copy of that today � but I interview her and she explains how to, uh (clearly embarrassed) give fellatio to a banana.

BE: Wow. Was that the first time you had met her before?

AL: Yeah!

BE: What was that like, meeting a legendary porn star?

AL: I don't know, I'm not familiar with her work! But I obviously had seen her True Story on E!, but she was a very nice person. I couldn't imagine her in a chain-bang gang, or whatever you call them. I didn't even think about that. She just seemed like a normal person.

BE: My guess is that she would be the resident den mother.

AL: Well, she gets really bitter and mean in the movie, so I don't think she's the den mother type. (Pause) I'm sorry, I don't even know what a den mother is...?

BE: I thought it would be really funny if you had this woman who spent two years as a hardcore porn star, and now doing movies and being really sweet, gentle kind of...

AL: Oh, okay. Yeah, in real life, she's real sweet. I could see her as a den mother, and baking cookies, and all that. And then educating the boys on how to give cunnilingus!

BE: (laughs hard) That would be the most popular branch of the Scouts the world would ever know. Well, I went through your filmography on IMDb, and I would not be doing my job if I didn't ask you about "Busty Cops." (Soft core porn flick she did in 2003, under the alias Katie James)

AL: Well, whenever I did Playboy, a long time ago, in '98, the producer who did all my Playmate videos asked if I would do this silly little stupid movie. And I was like, "Yeah, why not?" And that's about it! It's nothing great, and it's nothing to write home about. I'm much more proud of the other stuff I've been doing, like playing the character in this new indie movie coming out called "The Gold Bracelet."

BE: And I was going to get to that. I wanted to list some of the movies you've appeared in, and I was wondering if you would tell us something funny or interesting that happened while you were making that movie.

AL: Oh, because ("Busty Cops") is, like, a bad dream. (laughs)

BE: Well, I'm going to talk about more of the mainstream movies that you've done.

AL: (grateful) Okay!

BE: Because you've worked with some pretty big people.

AL: Yeah, I've worked with Tim Robbins, Patricia Arquette...

BE: That was my first movie. I was going to ask you about "Human Nature."

AL: I really remember a surreal moment when I was in the dressing room getting my makeup done, and Patricia Arquette, whom I think is just amazing, comes over to me, and extends her hand, and she's like, "You wanna talk about your character? Can I help you, do you have any questions?" And I'm not usually starstruck, but I could barely speak when she's standing right there. Another part of that movie was, Tim Robbins, I kept making him laugh. That was a really good memory.

BE: How about "Rush Hour 2"?

AL: I wish all my scenes had stayed in (the final cut), but that happens, that's the business, right? Chris Tucker was extremely, incredibly funny. Working with him for nine days was...we didn't get to talk that much, because in between scenes, he was always on his cell phone. But that was fun, and also meeting Jackie Chan, I had always been a fan of his, too.

BE: Okay, I'm going to throw a B-movie at you: "The Back Lot Murders."

AL: Oh, "The Back Lot Murders"! Corey Haim was in that...

BE: Exactly. Corey Haim and Roger Rabbit. (Well, actually, Charles Fleisher, the voice of Roger Rabbit.)

AL: Yeah, Charles know, he's incredibly, incredibly talented, and so weird in real life. You can't understand a damn thing he says, he's a little bit, like, schizophrenic, which I guess is why he's so talented, but also why he doesn't work that much! You know, you've gotta have the balance of sanity and talent.

BE: Oh, that's money. Thank you. Okay, "Pauly Shore Is Dead."

AL: He shot that movie for so many years, I never thought that it would see the light of day. If he used all of the footage that he shot, it would literally take you a week to watch. So he found an inner circle of people that I know, and he calls me up one day and asks me if I'd be willing to be in (the movie), it was all improv. I was like, "Yeah, sure." And I had longer hair at the time, and he needed a redhead to go with Jaime Bergman's blonde and Amy Weber's brunette, the three girlfriends. It was all Pauly-deprecating. We got to let loose on him and put him down, that's what he wanted. The scene that did remain in the movie, we were in his bathroom � his actual bathroom � and he said, "Just make shit up," and we were talking to Jaime Bergman's character, trying to talk her out of dating Pauly, because he's a loser. And I see a bottle of Propecia, which everybody knows is for hair loss. But I tell her it's for genital warts, because I'm really trying to get her to stay away from him. So yeah, that's the scene that remained in that movie.

BE: Okay, lastly, "My Boss' Daughter."

BE: Oh, "My Boss' Daughter"! That was really cool, we shot it in Vancouver, and it was before Ashton (Kutcher) became Mr. Demi Moore. He was really, really funny and fun to work with. A lot of my scenes � the best scenes � got taken out of that, too. I think there's only two or three scenes left in that. But a memory from that is, Ashton and I got into, not an argument, but a debate over how to pronounce �Holyfield,' because he made a reference to Evander Holyfield, and he called him �Hollyfield'! And I'm like, "No no no no, it's �Holyfield.' And he was adamant about it being �Hollyfield,' and the movie's producers wound up calling Evander Holyfield's agent to find out how to pronounce it. And, of course, I was right.

BE: (laughs) How does he get �Hollyfield' out of that?

AL: I have no idea! And the crazy thing is, the producers agreed with him.

BE: Oh, God.

AL: I had nobody on my side.

BE: You've gotta be kidding me. Was this just because he was "Ashton Kutcher," and they were afraid to tell him no to anything?

AL: You know, I have no idea, because he wasn't as big of a star at that time. (The movie) was shot four and a half, five years ago, and he hadn't really broken out, he was just "That �70s Show" kid.

BE: Any good Tara Reid stories?

AL: (hedging) Um, Tara's, um...I don't have any good Tara Reid stories. She was very polite, that's all I'll say.

BE: What is your approach to making movies? Is it something you want to make a career out of, or is it something you do for kicks in between modeling sessions?

AL: I do modeling for press, and I've done shoots for Maxim just to promote things that I've done. I just finished doing "The Bold and the Beautiful," and "Reno 911," I don't know if you watch that.

BE: That's sitting on my desk, I haven't watched it yet.

AL: What's sitting on your desk?

BE: "Reno 911."

AL: The one that I'm in?

BE: Maybe. I've got an entire season.

AL: Oh, well, the one I'm in probably won't air until next season, because we shot it recently, and we shoot two seasons back to back.

BE: Ah, got it. Anything you want to add about "The Golden Bracelet"?

AL: It's about racism, and Indians (as in people from India) and 9/11, and it's a drama. I'm kind of like the token white girl. (laughs) It was a very indie-type movie, but I was glad to do it because it was very different from, you know, being the boobalicious chick. (laughs)

BE: Are we going to be seeing more of you in future "American Pie" installments?

AL: Gosh, maybe. I don't know if there are going to be any more. I don't know, have you heard any word on that?

BE: I haven't. I suppose it all depends on how well this one sells, right?

AL: That's right. They should milk it, because it's a big franchise right?

BE: I just didn't know if they did something with your character where you wouldn't be able to come back.

AL: Oh, yeah, totally. I didn't get killed off or anything.

BE: One last thing I wanted to tell you: you did a spread for our web site.

AL: Oh, I did?

BE:Yeah, well, what we did is we partnered with someone else, and they gave us some of the less revealing shots that you had done for them.

AL: Oh, was it the Maxim-type stuff?

BE: It was for a site called Blue Fantasies.

AL: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

BE: This was in November 2003.

AL: Well, I wish you would get the Maxim-y ones, those are my favorites! I'm not a big web site girl, but look at the gallery on

BE: I will do just that.

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