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“What are these razor bumps and how the hell can I get rid of them?” is a question we’ve heard at more times than we can count. Millions of men have to deal with red and inflamed bumps, ingrown hairs, and painful and unsightly skin irritation on a daily basis. The technical term for this condition is pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB) and the primary cause is shaving with a blade. Men with curly, coarse or even fine hair often experience razor bumps after shaving because the hair curls back, punctures the skin and becomes ingrown. One could eliminate the problem by simply growing a beard or rarely shaving. Unfortunately, for many professional, military and law enforcement men, this is not an option.

Following are a few tips, which may help if you are suffering from PFB:

• Prep the skin before shaving by using a face scrub to exfoliate skin and help lift the hairs from under the skin. Dry skin is another contributing factor in hairs becoming ingrown and irritated.
• Liberally wet the face and apply shaving cream. Wait 2-3 minutes before shaving. The use of a premium shave cream that contains vitamins and Aloe Vera is preferable over grocery store brands, which may contain skin irritants such as Sodium Laurel Sulfate.
• Use a high quality razor and change the blade often. Dull blades are often the cause of skin irritations and shaving nicks.
• Shave in the direction the hair grows on your face (shaving with the grain).
• Try not to pick at the bumps, as this tends to make them worse.
• If possible, take the weekend off from shaving to give the irritation time to improve.

In addition to applying these tips, you may want to accelerate the healing process with the use of a topical remedy such as the MaleFace Razor Bump Remedy. This product has been formulated to reduce the inflammation and moisturize the bumps within 12-48 hours. It was recently voted the recommended “bump solution” from Men’s Health Magazine in the 2005 Grooming Awards issue.

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Why live with uncomfortable and unsightly skin irritation when MaleFace has the Remedy to let you put your best face forward?

~Ray Raglin

Ray is the founder and President of MaleFace Skin Care and has been a long-time fan and supporter of Bullz-Eye-com. The Bullz-Eye staff is happy to give the thumbs up to MaleFace products.

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