Cinco de Mayo E-card creator

Guys never get tired of bagging on their buddies, and now you can do it virtually with's Insult E-Cards! Have a friend who thinks he's all that because he's got a ton of Facebook friends? It's time to tell him exactly what all of those Facebook friends really think about him. What about that buddy who has terrible taste in women, or the one who tries to pretend he's not a tool? You know better, so tell him, and while you're at it, give him a virtual ass kicking. Share the love!

Sample Insults

Not feeling very creative? Have no fear. Below we've included several samples of some of our favorite cards in our Insult E-Card Creator. You'll find all of the necessary assets in the creator above. Find the card you like below, slap all the images together and send it to your friends (or enemies)!

Take the sting out of your insult by sending some nice eye candy! Having a lot of Facebook friends doesn't mean you're cool.
For the friend who has awful taste in women. Sometimes, your middle finger says it all.
Know someone in need of a virtual ass kicking? A bat can often be much more effective than a fist.