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Prank calls, to some they are immature wastes of time that are best left behind after graduating from junior high. For others, they’re a solid for of entertainment, and for a select few, they’re a way to make a living. The Jerky Boys solidified the prank call as a form of entertainment in the early 90s, and while their popularity (and some might say quality of material) has decreased over the years, there have been countless others to pick up the torch and continue this noble tradition. Here are some of the best places to find prank calls on the web, as well as some resources that might help you make your own.

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The Jerky Boys
The all-time kings of the prank call – in the early 90s The Jerky Boys managed to take their hobby of harassing New Yorkers and parlay it all the way to a feature-length theatrical film (which really sucked...but whatever). Unfortunately, their site is little more than a teaser for their next album and it doesn’t even have any prank calls on it. Still, these guys are one of the main reasons prank calling is so popular in the first place.

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Prank App
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18 Prank Call Ideas
Great list when you're bored.

Top 33 Funny Best Prank Call Ideas
More great ideas.

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