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We've interviewed several stand-up comedians over the years. Below you'll find links to some of our favorites.

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Bullz-Eye Interviews

Piers WengerBob Saget
Host of "Strange Days with Bob Saget"

You take your hits when you do commercial television, and if you're hosting a blooper show, you're not going to wake up with good reviews. 'Wow, your blooper show is great!' I've never heard that before.'

Hot Tub Time Machine interviewsHot Tub Time Machine interviews
March 24, 2010

"Hot Tub Time Machine" is easily one of the funniest movies we've seen in years. We had a chance to talk with just about everyone involved in the film, including Craig Robinson, Rob Corddry, and Crispin Glover.

Patton Oswalt Interview
It’s hard to believe there was once a time when Patton Oswalt might only have been remembered for his role on “The King of Queens.” In the past few years, Oswalt has become renowned for his hilarious stand-up, gotten raves for his performance as Remy in Disney / Pixar’s “Ratatouille,” and turned in some excellent work in appearances on “Reaper” and “Dollhouse.”

Kevin Smith Interview
Smith's summary of the SModcasts: "Generally, we just kind of sit around and it’ll be, like, 'Okay, you and I, Scott, we’re on an Oceanic airliner and it goes down. We wind up on the island of ‘Lost,’ it’s just you and me, and nobody else is there…but there’s the polar bear, the black cloud, and all that shit. How long before we start fucking each other?' And we jump from there and extrapolate."

Rob Schneider Interview
Rob Schneider is a man of many identities. Some remember him as “the copy guy” from his days on “Saturday Night Live” (though he’ll always be Tiny Elvis to me), others know him as “that guy who’s always turning up in Adam Sandler’s movies,” and, yes, he’s probably stuck being called Deuce Bigalow for the remainder of his career. Schneider’s expanded his resume recently, however, taking on the challenge of not only starring in but also directing his latest film, “Big Stan,” which recently made its home video premiere, courtesy of HBO.

Bill Maher Interview
Bill Maher took the time to speak with a group of writers, including Bullz-Eye, in connection with the DVD release of his film, “Religulous.” The conversation was typical Bill Maher: irreverent and hilarious, sparing no one. Bill knows how to have fun with the topic of religion, but he’s deadly serious about is as well.

George Wendt Interview
On people calling out "Norm!" when they see him: "It’s maybe every third person now. It used to be every other person. It’s faded a bit, but not too much. They’re always going to remember me that way. I decided a long time ago that if I’m going to let this make me crazy, I’m going to be certifiable, so I just roll with it."

Michael Rapaport Interview
"I didn’t look at ('Special') as a superhero movie while we were doing it. I was just looking at it through the character’s eyes…and solely through his eyes. I just wanted to play every scene as honestly as possible."

Adam Carolla Interview
“I wanted to make something that was a little less theatrical in the boxing department because boxing matches…it’s, like, Mr. T doesn’t punch Sylvester Stallone in the face 10 times in a row and then Stallone yells, ‘Come on!’ You hit the ground.”

Pauly Shore Interview
Pauly Shore is one of those love-‘em-or-hate-‘em comedians, but those who love him can't get enough of him, which is why Shore was able to transfer the fame he achieved as an MTV VJ into a motion-picture career. Television hasn't always been as kind to Shore, but his recent Showtime special, "Natural Born Komics," inspired quite a few belly laughs from his fanbase, as it will no doubt continue to do now that it's been released on DVD.

Will Ferrell Interview
"Well, it’s all about the cubed cheese. I eat probably three party packs of cheese a day just to create a base and then from there, anything is possible."

Jim Gaffigan Interview
Jim Gaffigan is a busy man. Along with a role on the TV show "My Boys," Gaffigan has done a series of commercials for Sierra Mist, starred in a hit Comedy Central show "Beyond the Pale," and does all of the voice work on the online cartoon "Pale Force."

Harold Ramis Interview
When we wrote “Animal House,” everyone agreed that the script was very strong, people sensed it might be a very funny film, and the fact is that Ivan Reitman, who produced it, wanted to direct it, and he had already directed a film in Canada…and I wanted to direct it, and I hadn’t directed any film. I had directed for television, but no-one was going to give it to me without having a feature film, so they hired John Landis. But Ivan and I each felt that we could’ve done a good job on the movie. So after “Animal House” was so successful, when people started asking me what I wanted to write next, producers were kind of inviting me to work for them, and I said, “But what I really want to do is direct…so the next script I write, I’ll have to direct.” So that’s how “Caddyshack” evolved.

Seth Rogan Interview
Bullz-Eye had a chance to chat with Rogen about the upcoming release of “The 40 Year Old Virgin” on DVD, his past and future work with Judd Apatow.

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele Interview
“MADtv” alums turned latter day sketch comedy saviors Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele have sneaked up on the American consciousness in the last few years, but it’s a good kind of sneak. Both sons of African-American fathers and white mothers, they haven’t exactly hid from their mixed-race heritage, mining a good percentage of their cheerfully subversive humor from the ethnic codes and conundrums that still dominate so much of American life.

Norm MacDonald Interview
"I liked 'Weekend Update' a lot, and I just stole that but did it with sports and thought it would be entertaining. I dunno how I think of these things. They just come to me."

Tim Conway Interview
"I was never really looking to be in this business. I was actually looking to be a jockey when I was younger. My dad had a couple of horses in Cleveland that the people he was working for were training, and so I was going to be a jockey…and if I hadn’t fallen off as much as I did and become totally scared of horses, I think I probably would’ve been a world champion jockey. But things led the other way."

Chevy Chase Interview
As you’ll soon see, the interview wasn’t exactly a treasure trove of potential pull quotes…

Robert Klein Interview
"In the past, I’ve had these big sets for these one-man shows, and this one has just a beautiful background which HBO quality controlled…and you can bet that, with the big money going down there, it looks good. Really good. But, you know, I did the very first HBO comedy special, and I did it at a college. And one time, Rosie O’Donnell did one, and she took the money and did it in a little club. HBO was so pissed at her! They want to see production values!"

Andy Dick Interview
"'Pilot Season' is like a fine, delicious reduction sauce that you just sprinkle on the lamb chops. That’s what we’re turning into. It takes all of these years just to reduce us to the essence of the purest of all comedy. I just came up with that while I was talking to you."

Penn Jillette Interview
"I only talk on “Penn Says” when I have an idea, and I do it any time. So it’s kind of like I have a 24-hour radio show, and I just turn the mike on when something pops into my head. And it’s been turning out better than I expected."

Drew Carey Interview
(On the origins of his list of 101 big dick jokes) "I remember (John Caponera) calling me up once, I was sleeping, and a phone rings and I was like, "Hello?" "Yeah, my dick is so big"…he didn't even say hello! "Yeah, my dick is so big, ships use it to find their way into the harbor." "Oh, that's a good one, I'll see you tomorrow," and I went back to sleep."

Steven Wright Interview
"I just kept touring all through these years, and I'd go on a talk show occasionally, and that was just what I did: I'd write, I'd try it out, I'd go on the road, I'd do it, and that's what I was doing. I just didn't do it on TV that much. I just was a guy doing the live stuff."

Seth MacFarlane Interview
"'The Winner' did very well for the first six episodes, but I'm sure there are a lot of shows that could've become great shows that weren't given a chance to build an audience, just because executives get scared if something is not a hit right away."

Tim Meadows Interview
As the second-longest running cast member in the history of "Saturday Night Live," Tim Meadows doesn’t really need to work another day in his life to feel comfortable that he’s secured a place in the hearts of TV viewers everywhere. Fortunately, however, he does keep working steadily, both in motion pictures and the small screen; he even takes the occasional detour onto a record album.

Andrew Dice Clay Interview
Now that he’s returned to the public eye with a reality show on VH-1 (“Dice: Undisputed”) and even his own search engine (, Andrew Dice Clay is a man on a mission. That mission is to regain his title as one of the most popular stand-up comedians in the world.

Tom Smothers Interview
“When someone comes down to you and you’re doing a show and they say, ‘You can’t say that,’ you ask, ‘Well, why not?’ ‘Because you can’t. You can’t say that sort of thing.’ Don’t ever tell a comic that he can’t use the F-word, because that’s the first word they’re gonna use!”

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