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Sports -- the last hope
by: Shawn Griffin from
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This will have a sports theme, just be patient and follow me on this one.

I travel just about every weekend. What does this mean? Well, first of all, while in line at the security checkpoint I get to think about a lot of things. While watching an 85-year-old black woman get basically strip-searched while a 25-year-old scruffy-looking, Arab-looking guy walked right through without so much as a glance by those morons "manning" the checkpoints, I felt a twinge in my stomach. There is no way that this poor black woman should have been searched while the Arab-looking dude wasn't. The case against racial profiling, a major tenant of political-correctness, is out when it comes to national security. I thought about how this politically correct crap perpetrated on us by those who have nothing in common with the typical American has gone totally insane. 

Let's logically think about this for a moment. Wouldn't it make sense if the security guards looked at the Arab-looking young males a tad more intently than they do at 85-year-old black women? But due to political-correctness, they can't. If they do, you can bet your bottom dollar that there would be a lawyer waiting in line to represent that person in a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the United States. 

Now imagine for a moment if I lived in Saudi Arabia and a white, Christian male (and a good-looking one at that, I might add) bombed a mosque, killing 3,000 Muslims. I would ABSOLUTELY expect to be eyed much more suspiciously than an Arab at the Riyadh airport. If the Saudi security guards didn't look at me with a raised eyebrow, I would be surprised and worried about future attacks in Saudi Arabia. That makes sense, doesn't it? 

Then why can't we simply, without taking away any of their rights, eye Arabs in the United States just a tad more intensely than others at this point? I am in no way advocating taking away any of their rights, as there are many great Arab-Americans who love their country as much as anybody else. Just by writing this, I am sure there will be a slew of you out there calling me a racist. Well, go ahead. I call it being a realist. When millions of fanatical Arabs have made it their life purpose to kill innocent Americans, you can bet your ass I'm not going to let this garbage go unnoticed without giving my two cents. As a matter of fact, if more of us would, maybe this political correctness would be dismantled and put where in belongs -- in the trashcan of stupid ideas. 

What does this have to do with sports, you ask? 

Let me tell you.

The new "Jobs Rated Almanac" is out. The top-paying positions involve professional athletes. 

Back to waiting in line at the airport now…so I am thinking, as I'm standing there in line -- aren't sports just great? All that's looked at is performance and results. It doesn't matter what color you are -- if you're good and contribute, you're in the league. I love it. Nothing brings different races and creeds of people together more than sports. I mean, look at the Dallas Mavericks for a second. They have black guys, Canadian, pasty-looking white guys, a big Chinese dude, a German…all playing together and winning, for the most part, without regard to the color of their skin or their country of origin. I respect that. I like it. 

Imagine for a moment, though, if political-correctness reared its ugly head in professional sports. 

The NBA wouldn't be 70% black -- instead, the team would have to have an Asian, a Hispanic and a token few white guys. 

Imagine an NHL team, begging people who have never put on skates to be a member of their hockey team so they would look more "culturally diverse."

Imagine telling NFL teams that they don't have enough white running backs and they better do something about it before a lawsuit is filed.

I wonder how long it's going to take before the National Organization for Women starts badgering the professional sports leagues to include women on their teams. You laugh, but it's not far off if this kind of cultural idiocy is not met by the force of common sense.

It's absurd, isn't it?

Sports are popular because the politically correct element has not been able to infiltrate the athletic playing field, as it has with most other aspects of our society. Teams vie for the top athletes based on athletic ability and skill, nothing else. In turn, we tune in to see the best compete on an even playing field. This makes for incredibly compelling sporting events. 

Everybody deserves equal opportunity, not equal results. I am glad that sports realize this and have not changed.

In closing, how ironic that when you should look at race (national security), the politically correct crowd doesn't want you to, but when you shouldn't (hiring practices), they make you. 

Sports are our last bastion of true competition -- I just hope the politically correct cowards don't take them over as they have the security of this nation. 

How twisted is that?

See more of Shawn's columns at, and feel free to e-mail him at

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