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Call this a dork/nerd/geek wish list, or a Christmas wet dream list, or whatever. these are items that I would like to review in the nearest possible future. They are items that seem to have value beyond what they normally tout, and I bet they rock more than they are letting on...or, then again...maybe they don't.... I would like to find out and report on it....

Keep in mind that there are a lot of great products in each of these product classes. I pretty much looked at what features looked the best for their product class. My choices in each product class are based solely on me spending hours upon hours looking at feature lists.

Sharp Zaurus SL-5600 - This is the ultimate in GeekDom! A Linux PDA. I would love a chance to make this sucker sing and dance. Sure, it didn't catch on with the rest of the world, but I think with a little coaxing, the rest of the world might catch on.

Leica M7 - I might as well start the list off with a bang, no? I have read since my birth about what wonderful beasts these are, and how if you tried one of these, you would worship at the altar of Leica for life. Part of me thinks that this just might be a load of hooey because the folks who have them know that folks like us will probably never have the chance to find out. But then again, it seems alot of well heeled shooters have these things. I would love to shoot with one (i.e. own one) and find out what the real scoop is.... Do they rule, or are the just a status symbol? One day, I need to know..

Tivo - I almost bought one tonight. I had my credit card in hand and was ready to purchase, but no one at circuit city knew if it would work on digital cable. I poked around on the website, but I couldn't find a quick answer to this one. I decided to call tech support and ask them. after spending ten minutes answering questions to an answering machine, I gave up. maybe later. I bet I could use one, but dammit if it is so much trouble just to find out if the dam thing will work with my cable system.

iRiver iHP-120 - apple has long cornered the market with the Ipod. The Ipod is a FANTASTIC little device that fit so well with the whole apple persona. There was a windows version of the machine, but I never had a chance to mess with it. Once again, Apple beat the pc guys to the punch at making a system just plain kick ass in the usability arena. I put off buying one in the hopes that there would be a sweet one for the PC. I think this may be the machine. I would love to review this thing.

Elecraft K2 - Yeah, I am a dork. You knew this. I am a serious dorkwad nerd. I am an active ham radio operator (kb8qpt) and before you give me any flack about my nerdiness, keep in mind that I can most likely kick your butt. I have a k1 that I am building now, and should finish someday soon, should I ever get the time to work on it. but I have heard time and time again how great this radio is by folks who religiously build anything Elecraft has to offer. I am beginning to wonder if Elecraft labs is like the Brill building of amateur radio. Most likely so.

Sony CLIÉ PEG-NX80V - I have used a PDA since day one. I really like these things. I could never do without one. When the new ones came out, there were a whole lot of things that were included that made sense. Wireless technology made a lot of sense, but there were no real standards yet. With the advent of wifi and bluetooth, that is more under control. Other than general dorkery, I couldn't see a real use for these yet. Then came the advent of the systems with attached digital cameras. This is something that i could use in my everyday life. I currently carry both a pen can and a PDA. This would nicely merge both. I could do a lot of fun nerdery with this.... Oh, the ideas....

Canon Powershot G5 - Although I have always owned Nikon cameras because I cannot afford to cross-pollinate my gear, I am sure Canon makes great gear, but buying a second set of pro gear to find out is just out of my league. For most pro work, I use all digital SLRs. This is very big and clunky. i would love to have a camera I could keep in my case at all times, day or night. i would love to have a good travel camera that I could jockey around abroad. This one seems like it would be the MACK. There are great Nikon products also, but I would sure like to see what Canon has to offer...

Lego Mindstorms - This has got to be the ultimate Christmas toy ever made. What they did was take Legos, and add an embedded robotic processor system to them. You can take them and make all sorts of sweet robots with real world sensors in them. I would DIE for one of these kits! Lego is the bomb when it comes to this kind stuff.

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