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Nice job on the recent health article. I'm a wellness chiropractor and I'm always looking for ways to communicate ideas of health to people. I never in my life thought I would use as a professional reference, but you did a bang up job writing in simple, but not watered down language.

Do you have links to some of your other works? And, do you have a good form of your recent article that I can hand out (I'd rather not direct conservative clients to Bullz-Eye's bikini page for nutritional advice). That said, what you wrote needs to get out everywhere in America!

(Dr. Hughes)  
Concord Family Chiropractic

ADr. Hughes
Thanks so much for your kind words. I understand as a business owner not wanting to offend any clients. Being considerate and service oriented is lacking in for too many businesses. I am glad to hear that there are some people out there as considerate as you. However, I do feel’s “bikini” features are very tasteful. Offensive, risqué content, which I understand is subjective, is something’s partners have always wanted to stay away from.

I appreciate you taking the time to visit and reading my articles. I'm attaching several articles you can use as hand outs.


QHey Mike,
I’m Charlie, and I’m 12 years old, 5-9, 170 pounds and I’m going into 8th grade. This year I’m playing JV football and I lift weights every day; my max bench is 185; my coaches push me to lift. I’ve asked my coaches if working out would stunt my growth, (but) they said don’t worry about it because my dad is 6-3.  They also want me to start taking protein shakes, and one coach told me creatine helps me to get bigger. I was just wondering if lifting weights will stunt my growth, do you think I’m old enough for creatine and does creatine stunt my growth too?


Neither creatine nor lifting weights will stunt your growth, and it has nothing to do with your father being 6-3.  However, I would not recommend taking creatine simply because you don't need it. Creatine will not harm you in any way, but you're only 12 years old with almost no experience lifting weights. Supplements should be used to "supplement" your training and diet. Creatine can be considered once you've got two or more years of proper hard-core training under your belt, and are eating correctly.


I'm confused by the decription of the nine-week bicep training. In the article it states:

"Notice the exercises change every three weeks. This is to give multiple examples on exercise choice. Choose one set of exercises and perform them throughout the nine weeks. At the end of your nine-week cycle, choose another set." 

So, do I do every exercise in the set titled "week one through three" for nine weeks? Or do I choose one from each set for nine weeks? I'm confused by the wording of the description in the article since each set is assigned specific weeks. Please clarify for me. Also, how often should I be working my biceps? Once per week, every other day, etc.?

Thank you in advance for your response.
Chris Irvin

Sorry about the confusion. Do every exercise in the set titled "week one through three" for nine weeks. Then you can change the exercises for another nine weeks.  And so on and so on.

If you're training your entire body with 100% intensity, you should work your arms once per week. I say "if you’re training your whole body" because there is a substantial difference in recovery ability if you’re neglecting parts of your body. Moreover, if you’re being a puss and not training with 100% intensity, you’re not going to get the optimum stimulus causing the muscle to adapt by getting stronger and larger.

Good luck,

Tribex and Hardcore ZMA were legal for us to use. I know the NCAA gets all strict on that stuff with all the drug tests we gotta take. Thanks for your time.

Tribex and ZMA are legal and will not cause super-physiologic levels of testosterone needed to elicit a positive test result.   


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