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... the demand for raw, unpasteurized milk is increasing? Pasteurization destroys bacteria contained in milk and extends the shelf life. Proponents of raw milk claim the pasteurization process destroys most of the nutrients and enzymes. Many states prohibit the sale of raw milk to the general public, saying it’s responsible for hundreds of people getting sick in the last decade. In Massachusetts, the overall number of dairy farms has declined while the number of dairies selling raw milk has doubled in the past five years. In the state of Washington, the number of dairies selling raw milk nearly quadrupled in the last two years. Boston.com

... the American Vegetarian Society was founded in 1850 by Sylvester Graham? Graham promoted vegetarianism and a high fiber diet as a cure for alcoholism and lust. Graham preached that an unhealthy diet containing confounded variables of meat and white flour stimulated excessive sexual desire, which irritated the body and caused disease.

John Harvey Kellogg, the inventor of corn flakes, followed in Graham’s footsteps. Kellogg advocated a high fiber vegetarian diet to combat the twin evils of constipation and “natural urges.” Kellogg preached against sexual activity even in marriage. Wise Traditions 2008 Spring; 9(1)

... trying to make your calves grow isn’t much different from trying to pick up a hot chick (expect a challenge)? How it’s done:

  1. Use a standing calf raise machine, or stand on a step holding a dumbbell. Lower your heels toward the floor as far as you can and hold at the bottom position for a few seconds.
  2. Simultaneously straighten your knees and contract your calves, coming up on the balls of your feet. That’s one rep.

Inspiring calves to get bigger involves using heavy weight, explosive movements and stretching the calves. Mens’ Fitness May 2008

... in men, low testosterone levels are a significant risk factor for cardiovascular disease? British researchers performed a study in the U.K. that included more than 10,423 men. Baseline visits were performed between 1993 and 1997. The average follow-up visit for each subject was performed seven years later. They concluded that testosterone concentrations appear to be inversely related to mortality due to all causes. These results were independent of age, body mass index, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, cigarette smoking, diabetes, social class and education. An inverse relationship was still observed for deaths due to cardiovascular causes and cancer after the exclusion of deaths that occurred in the first two years. Circulation 2007;116:2694-2701

... the Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam has very unique urinals? If you look in the urinal there is what appears to be a fly.

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