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Atkins Diet... free-range eggs are much more nutritious than regular eggs? This makes sense considering the chickens are allowed to consume their natural diet which includes seeds, insects, green plants and worms. Compared to U.S. Department of Agriculture nutrient data for commercial eggs, eggs from chickens raised on a pasture may contain the following: 2/3rds more vitamin A, twice the Omega-3 fatty acids, three times more vitamin E and seven times more Beta-carotene. The problem with eggs labeled “Free-Range” is that the USDA defines free-range as chickens that have access to the outside. The problem with this definition is it doesn’t define their diets or what outside access means. Under this definition, the chickens can have access to a cement courtyard while eating an unnatural diet that includes soy, corn and cotton seed meals and be called “free range.”
(Mother Earth News. Oct/Nov,2007)

… scientists have no idea how the brain works? They have no idea how we take information in, store it and retrieve it. One thing they do know, is the more we use our brains the better our capabilities become. Another is that we tend to use predominantly one side or the other. In other words we’re either right brain or left brain thinkers. Each side of the brain has distinct functions. Are you curious as to what side you tend to use? Follow this link:,21985,22556281-661,00.html

Atkins Diet…evidence supports the safety of chiropractic manipulation? Researchers studied the treatment outcomes of 19,722 patients. Data was obtained from 28,807 treatment consultations and 50,276 cervical spine manipulations. There were no reports of adverse events. A serious event was defined as “referred to hospital and/or sever onset/worsening of symptoms immediately after treatment.” The highest risk immediately after treatment was fainting/dizziness/lightheadedness in -- at worst -- 16 per 1,000 treatment consultations.
(Spine. 32(21):2375-2378, October 1, 2007)

… Jack LaLanne is considered a pioneer and is referred to as “the godfather of fitness”? He had a huge impact on me as a young boy. I watched his TV show regularly, as early as four years old. My parents were amazed, but delighted that I watched his program at such a young age, because they too were into proper diet and exercise. Seeing his early videos now, shows me just how ahead of his time he was. Follow this link and see why he was, and continues to be, so influential:

… isoflavones are plant-derived polyphenoloic compounds with weak estrogenic activity found mainly in soybeans and soy-derived products? High isoflavone intake has been reported to be associated with decreased animal fertility. This cross-sectional study assesses isoflavone intake in males of subfertile couples who had semen analysis. The questionnaire was designed to assess the intake of 15 soy-based foods in the last three months. The group studied was 100 men with semen data and completed questionnaires. There was an inverse association between soy food intake and sperm concentration that remained significant when evaluated with respect to age, abstinence, body mass, caffeine and tobacco intake. There was no impact on sperm motility or morphology. ( Health Alert)

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