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Sarah Chilia interview, Olympic Figure Skating interviewBullz-Eye:   Where’s your hometown?

Sarah Chilia: I live in Mentor, Ohio, about 20 minutes east of Cleveland.

BE:   Were you born and raised there?  

SC: Yes. I have lived in the Cleveland area my entire life    .

BE: Do you have any brothers or sisters?  

SC: I have a younger brother Andrew, but I am come from a very close family. I have seven first cousins that are all like my older brothers. I happen to be one of the only girls on my Dad’s side of the family. Most of them live in the area and I see them all on a regular basis. 

BE:   Has your family been a strong source of support in your life?

SC: My family has always been very supportive in everything that I have ever done in life. They have always been there for me. I can count on them to always be honest and helpful with me and the choices that I make. It makes a big difference having a good support system behind you in life. I am very blessed to have such a wonderful and understanding family. 

Sarah Chilia interview, Olympic Figure Skating interviewBE:   What got you into figure competitions?  

SC: I have always been into physical fitness, and enjoy training. When I switched gyms that I trained at and joined Titans 24-hour fitness gym in Mentor, back in 2004, I had a few people approach me about figure competitions. At first I was like, who me? I told my friends I wanted to try one, when I was ready, and of course I never felt “ready.” So they basically picked out a show for me and told people I was entering, so I did, and I ended up placing first in the novice class and 2nd in my height.   

BE:   You are in good shape all year long.  Do you always watch what you eat?

SC: Yes I do try to watch what I eat. Eating clean healthy foods is a life style, not a diet for me. I do have occasional cheat meals, especially after a competition. I also have a sweet tooth, so I do enjoy an occasional dessert, but in moderation. Heart disease and diabetes run in my family, so I eat to not only stay trim, but to stay in the best health that I can. Like anyone else I have days where I eat things I shouldn’t, but I try to keep everything in check as best as I can.   

BE:   When getting ready to compete, what is your diet like?  Do you eat low carb, high carb, low or high fat?  

Sarah Chilia interview, Olympic Figure Skating interviewSC: My diet all depends on how I look, and how I need to look for the particular event. I do eat carbs, a lot of good protein and good fats. When getting ready for a competition my diet consists of cream of rice or oatmeal, egg whites, tuna, white fish, chicken, flax oil, almonds, salad and asparagus. And lots of water! 

BE:   Do you use a trainer?  

SC: Yes I do use a trainer. Mike Davies, he’s in Columbus, Ohio. He helps me with diet and training. He really knows his stuff. I also work with IFBB pro Mari Kudla. She helps me with her killer Bootcamp classes, training and posing. She really is great for contest prep and motivation. 

BE:   What type and how much cardio do you do when preparing for competition?  

SC: My cardio will depend on how I look or what areas need improvement.  Usually I perform two 30 to 45 minute sessions five to six times a week. I use all types of cardio equipment. I like to mix it up so I don’t get bored of the same old thing.  I love to use the treadmill. I will sometimes do interval training on it, walking, running at different speeds and inclines. I also find the Stairmaster great for shaping up the glutes and thighs. When the weather permits here in Cleveland, I love to do my cardio outside. I like to run sprints and bleachers. I live close to Lake Erie so I like to incorporate runs on the beach also; it’s great for working your stabilizer muscles.  I do have an old foot injury, so when needed I also incorporate sprinting on the bike.   

Sarah Chilia interview, Olympic Figure Skating interviewng interviewBE:   In regards to your weight training what’s your routine like? 

SC: My weight training is usually split something like: Tuesday, shoulders; Wednesday, arms (biceps and triceps); Saturday, legs; Sunday, back and chest. I change it up depending on what areas need more work, and so I am not always training the same body part every day. I try to take at least two to three days off from weight training a week. 

BE:   I have found that many competitors work full time outside of competing.  Do you have another career outside of figure competitions?  

SC: Yes, I work full time at my family’s printing company. It is has been family owned and operated for three generations. I do graphic design and job layout work.  Working for yourself entails doing everything from scheduling, to customer service and purchasing, to taking out the trash if need be.    

BE:  What are some other hobbies you enjoy?  

SC: In the warmer months I love being outdoors, taking my two dogs on long walks. I enjoy cycling and rollerblading. I enjoy spending my summer weekends boating on Lake Erie. I also love to travel. And like any female, I love shopping!!   

Sarah Chilia interview, Olympic Figure Skating interviewBE:   Do you have a social life?  

SC: When I am training for a competition I feel like my social life is going to the gym! I am there all the time. I do like going out to dinner with friends, and seeing movies. I also enjoy going shopping, or out to lunch, just to catch up with friends. Even if it’s a quiet evening at home with a good book or movie and the dogs, as long as I am with people I care about I will be having a great time.   

BE:   What do you like the most about being a figure competitor?  

SC: I like all the people I get to meet. I enjoying meeting new people and making new friends. I also enjoy when I travel to a new city and explore all they have to offer.   

BE:   What do you like the least?  

SC: I’d have to say, all the time it can consume. But with good scheduling and organization skills I can try to squeeze everything in. I’m not all that fond of cutting my water the day before the show, but I am getting used to it the more I do it.   

Sarah Chilia interview, Olympic Figure Skating interviewBE: What do you like the most about modeling?  

SC: I like being in front of the camera. It is a lot like acting, pretending to be some place or someone else. That’s a lot of fun to me. 

BE:   What do you like the least?  

SC: Sometimes you have to hold a certain position for what seems like forever, and it’s not always a comfortable position.   

BE:   So far in your career, what do consider to be your greatest achievement?  

SC: Every show or competition I am in, I feel is an achievement. Just setting a goal and going for it. No matter what the outcome, as long as I try and have fun, I am more than happy with what ever I achieve. 

BE: Being a men’s website I was hoping you could give our readers a few pointers on the next few questions. What turns you on about a man the most?  

SC: I like a strong confident man. One who knows what he wants. I also like guys who have a good sense of humor and outlook on life. 

BE: What turns you off the most?  

SC: Liars, negativity and guys who can’t make up their mind.   

BE: What is the best way a man should approach a woman to ensure interest?  

Sarah Chilia interview, Olympic Figure Skating interviewSC: Just be yourself. No fake or phony stuff. Most girls hate a guy who comes up to you with a corny line. 

BE:   What is the number one philosophy you live by?  

SC: Live for today, the past is just that, the past, let it go. I also believe what comes around goes around, sooner or later. 

BE: Favorite car?

SC: I’d love to own a Corvette, and a baby Hummer. 

BE: Favorite food?

SC: Lobster, and chocolate anything.   

BE: Favorite color?

SC: Purple. 

BE: Thanks for the interview Sarah, it’s been a pleasure.   

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