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The 2005 edition of The Arnold Classic is Saturday, March 5, 2005, on the stage at Veterans Memorial Auditorium on West Broad Street in Columbus, Ohio.

In the 1970s, after Arnold had won one of his seven Mr. Olympia titles, he made a promise to the fans in Columbus who attended the event. Arnold said because the fans in Ohio are the best he has seen, “I promise to bring pro-bodybuilding to Ohio.” Arnold started promoting bodybuilding contests in 1976 with his partner Jim Lorimer, who is from Columbus.

I started to attend the Arnold Classic in 1988 when it was still called the Mr. World. In 1989 it became The Arnold Classic, and has grown since then into the biggest fitness expo in the world. The 17th edition of The Arnold Classic will draw more than 75,000 attendees with over 10,000 athletes competing in 12 different events. There will be more than 600 booths at the Fitness Expo featuring the latest in fitness equipment, clothing and supplements. Arnold kept his promise to the fans of Ohio

The best ticket is the VIP ticket. It gets you into everything. All 20 sporting events, seats at the men’s and women’s bodybuilding championships at Veterans Memorial Auditorium, The Fitness International and Figure Championships and all the Arnold EXPO events. You will miss nothing.

The best way to get the VIP ticket is to call Ticketmaster in Columbus (614-431-3600) and ask for the VIP Ticket by name. It doesn't appear on the Ticketmaster website.

If you're only visiting the Arnold EXPO, the ticket is $10 each day (children 10 and under are free) and gives you the best entertainment for the money anywhere. There are plenty of tickets at the door, though I highly recommend buying your tickets beforehand and having them held at will call. There is always a long line for expo tickets.

So what does an expo ticket to the Arnold Fitness Expo get you?

All of the following:

  • Martial arts competitions
  • Prejudging / Ms. International, Figure Championships, and The Fitness International (the most beautiful women in the world compete in these contests)
  • Arnold Strongest Man Contest (the same competitors that compete on ESPN)
  • World Powerlifting Organization Championships
  • Armwrestling Championships
  • World Record Bench Press Challenge
  • Gymnastics competitions
  • More than 600 exhibition spaces
  • The best people-watching anywhere

And much, much more

Record lifts are commonplace at the Fitness Expo and take center stage at the World Record Bench Bash and WPO Super Open Championships.

Personal and world record lifts amaze crowds every year during the World Record Bench Bash and the World Powerlifting Organization Super Open Championships. This year 35 of the world’s elite athletes from the U.S., Germany, Finland and Ukraine will compete for the $53,000 in prizes for the WPO Super Open Championship.

Powerlifting athletes competing in the WPO Super Open Championships will attempt the squat, bench and deadlift. Some of the top competitors to watch for, all of whom have world records and championships on their résumés:

Tony Coyers of FL, Chuck Vogelpohl, Mike Cartinian, Angelo Berardinelli and Ken Patterson all from OH, Steve Goggins of GA, and Garry Franks of LA.

198lber Mike Cartinian
165lber Angelo Berardinelli

The Fourth Annual Arnold’s Strongest Man Contest boasts the most brawn ever, and has added a sixth event this year. The Arnold’s Strongest Man Contest has become partners with the International Federation of Strength Athletes, the governing body of the sport worldwide, and will be televised in a two-hour format on Fox Sports.

The largest contingent of competitors will be competing in martial arts. The Battle of Columbus, which is in its 29th year, is one of the largest martial arts competitions in the world.

The Arnold Gymnastics Challenge will have 2500 competitors ranging in age from six to 18.

And of course, as stated earlier, you have the best people-watching anywhere. Believe me, the sites are amazing. The fitness interviews contained on my home page will give you a small taste of what’s to see at the Fitness Expo.

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