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Q: Hi Mike,
I thoroughly enjoy your columns and Q&A's and have gotten a lot of use and results from your advice – and a lot of laughs from the vegan posts.

Your most recent Q&A briefly discussed testosterone supplements from Biotest (RedKat,Tribex and Alpha Male). I have a question about these supplements. I am one of the rare men with hypothyroidism (lucky me) and consequently I take a daily dose of thyroid medication to augment what little thyroid hormones my body produces on its own. Do you know if these testosterone boosters would have any unwanted interaction with my prescription? I am asking you this question for a couple of reasons: 1) Probably 90% of all doctors (including my current one) don't know shit about fitness/weight training and supplementation -- it seems that if you can't write a scrip for it, a DR won't recommend it; 2) based on past articles, you know your shit and if you don't have the answer, you know someone who does. Thanks for your help and keep the good advice coming!

Bill K.

PS: I have been searching high and low on the Internet for Alpha Male product from Biotest, but I have found this product from a different company. The Biotest Website doesn't list it either.

A: William,
Go to t-nation.com and you'll find Alpha Male. Do not buy substitutes from another company.

Now, as far as your hypothyroid is concerned, I can not find any evidence reporting contraindications with the use of Tribulus terrestris and Eurycoma Longifolia (Alpha Male) while taking thyroid medication. However, it would be in your best interest to consult a physician even though as you've stated most aren't going to know jack shit.

As a matter of fact, most people in your position with hypothyroidism get inadequate treatment because of ignorance on the part of the physician…. My suggestion to you would be to read the "Thyroid Solution" by Arem Ridha. This is one of the best and most thorough books I've read on hypothyroidism.

Reply: Mike,
Thanks so much for your response. I will definitely take your advice. As usual, I am very impressed with your knowledge of so many different topics relating to health and fitness. Keep up the awesome work!


Q: Hi Mike,
I have been training my butt off for the last five months. I have made some good gains in this time. I have been doing two day split routines and my diet consists of mostly steaks. I am currently taking creatine and designer protein. Well, I went on a two-week vacation and didn't get any workouts in during this time nor did I take any creatine. Well, by the time I got home from my trip, I noticed I decreased in size and strength after the 15- to 20-day layoff.

My question is, how come I lost everything I worked so hard for in just a matter of two weeks? I look as if I never trained for those five months at all. I mean if all that hard work can be lost in a matter of days, then what's the point of training? I am really discouraged to start again. Why do you think I lost all my size and strength so quickly?

Regards, Ngoc

Thanks Mike

A: Ngoc,
Good question. You lost all of your size and strength because of the length of time you took off. You've heard of the saying, "use it or lose it"? If you don't give your muscles a reason, a stimulus to stay strong and big (i.e. progressive resistance), they are going to atrophy and lose strength. Don't get so discouraged because you lost all your gains after only training for five months. Five months is a drop in the bucket. You are still considered a beginner. You must remember this is a lifestyle. It needs to be a part of your life. The benefits are too good for progressive resistance not to be.

Q: Hi,
I'm 18 years old, 175cm long and weigh about 85 kg. I work out two to four times/week in a gym.

What amount of protein powder should I take, for most effective workout?


A: Take a minimum of 2g/kg and go as high as 4g/kg. Thanks for the question.

Q: Mike,
In your 6/01/04 article, you said :

"low testosterone and high estrogen levels = obesity in many men? Many obese men have decreased levels of free (the good testosterone) and total testosterone and an increased estrogen level. The more obese a person is the greater the hormone imbalances. By inhibiting estrogen production and increasing testosterone production one can get rid of the hormonal condition that causes obesity. (Metabolism, 52: 1126-1128, 2003)"

Have you got suggestions on increasing testosterone and decreasing estrogen production?



A: W,
A great product for increasing test levels is Tribex made by Biotest. The main ingredient in Tribex is Tribulus terrestis. No other tribulus product compares. And if you're looking to decrease estrogen, Ergopharm's 6-OXO is your answer. This product has also been shown to increase test levels. More importantly, make sure you’re eating right and exercising regularly, preferably progressive resistance training.

Reply: Mike,

Thanks for the info, and thanks for writing the great columns. Still working through reading all of them, but there is great info in the ones
I've read.


Q: Hello,
I have just been on your Bullz-Eye.com site and saw a 15-year-old kid asking about creatine. I have another question and it is about BSN Nitrix. I would like to know if it would be fine for a 15-year-old kid weighing about 145 pounds. I bench 130 max and squat 180 max. I have been seeing people around me lifting more so I would just like to know if BSN nitrix would be fine for me using the three tablets three times a day. Thanks very much for your time.


A: JC,
The jury is still out as far as I'm concerned with Nitric Oxide (NO) products. Nitric Oxide produces a vasodialation effect on blood vessels so
some users claim a great pump while working out. Is it going to help build muscle or strength? No, and there is no definitive evidence. You are much better off using quality protein, creatine and glutamine products. These types of products will not only benefit you in helping achieve your goals, they are also good for your health.

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