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Bullz-Eye Interview with Dina Al-Sabah, National Physique Committee Fitness and Figure athlete.

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Our Fitness Editor, Mike Furci, had the pleasure of interviewing Dina Al-Sabah about her career in fitness competitions. Check it out along with the beautiful photos of Dina.

Dina Al-Sabah Dina Al-Sabah

Q: So let's start by finding out where your hometown is.
A: My hometown right now is Rockville, Maryland.

Q: Are you originally from there?
A: No, I moved to Rockville six months ago from Arlington, VA.

Q: When did you move to the United States? 
A: I came to the States in 1994. Prior to that I was living in London.

Dina Al-Sabah

Q: Do you have any brothers or sisters?
A: No, I do not have any full brothers or sisters.

Q: You have a very sexy exotic look. What nationality are you? 
A: My ethnic background is very mixed. On my mother's side I have Turkish and Syrian, while on my father's side I have Kuwaiti, Turkish as well as East African -- we think it is either Somali or Ethiopian.

Q: Is your family a strong source of support? 
A: I live in the States alone, so I am not in touch with my extended family; however, the people I am in touch with are very supportive. My mother encourages and supports me in every way, though she does not like the fact I have to diet so rigidly for a show. For some reason, she is always trying to get me to eat.

Dina Al-Sabah Dina Al-Sabah

Q: I've read that you are as intelligent as you are beautiful. Tell us about your educational background. 
A: I have three degrees from the George Washington University. My background is rooted in engineering; I have a BS in Electrical Engineering, an MS in Telecommunications and Computers as well as an MBA. I am always told I do not look like your typical engineer, but I am very happy to be one, and I am even happier to be one of few female electrical engineers.

Q: What field are you currently working in?
A: I am currently in the field of Information Systems.

Q: Were you involved in sports all your life, or is this a fairly recent endeavor?
A: I have always led an athletic life. At the age of five I started riding as well as taking ballet classes. I rode competitively until I was about 17, and I was also involved in track (100m, 200m, 400m and long jump), basketball and volleyball throughout high school. I started weight lifting when I came to the States in 1994.

Dina Al-Sabah Dina Al-Sabah

Q: I know that you started out competing as a bodybuilder. What made you switch to fitness and figure? 
A: I always had the intention of moving into fitness, which was the only other option when I started competing, as they did not have a Figure division yet. I wanted to take the time to learn the required skills for a routine, so I decided to try bodybuilding to hone my physique while I was learning the required skills for fitness routine.

Q: I noticed on the Bio section of your Website you stay very close to your contest weight, only fluctuating four pounds. What is your diet like? 
A: My diet really depends on what I look like, and how close to a show I am. I always try to eat every three hours, and I make sure to watch my carbohydrate intake while taking in enough protein. Though my weight does not vary by much, I look softer in the off-season as I am not doing as much cardio. My current off-season diet has some fat free cheese, fruit, egg whites, chicken and protein bars/shakes. I am also allowed fat free salad dressing. When I start getting ready for a show, I do not have any dressing or protein bars, the diet gets pretty strict. Mike Davies changes my diet every four weeks so that I do not get bored or too used to it.

Q: When did you start to use Mike Davies as your trainer? 
A: I started training with Mike in February of 2002, and it has been the best decision ever.

Dina Al-Sabah

Q: Mike is an excellent trainer and a good guy. I've judged many of his clients in local and national qualifying competitions, some of whom have gone on to be top professionals. How has he helped you when it comes to training and diet? 
A: He has really done wonders with my physique. Mike is extremely knowledgeable about training and diet, and he makes sure you train as a true athlete. My training consists of not only weight lifting but intensive plyometrics and cardio as well. He also adds a lot of stairs and sprints, so the cardio varies from the traditional treadmill that everyone does. Mike also makes sure that your diet is healthy. He does not remove all your fats and sometimes even adds fruit to the contest diet.

Q: So what do you like to do besides train, compete and work? 
A: Read novels, embroider, cook, work on my site and dance.

Dina Al-Sabah

Q: Is it hard for you to fit a social life into your schedule?
A: Yes, when I am getting ready for a show, I have no social life whatsoever. My friends are very understanding, and after a show I make an effort to spend time with them.

Q: What do you like the most about being a fitness competitor and model?
A: I like the fact that I motivate many people to go to the gym and get into shape. I also enjoy the discipline it takes to do well.

Q: What do you like the least? 
A: The rigid diet and training. It leaves no room for anything else. I always say that competing is like a second job.

Dina Al-Sabah Dina Al-Sabah

Q: Your career seems to be on its way. What are your goals as far as modeling and fitness? 
A: I just want to have fun and be the best I can be.

Q: I visited your Website, and I have to say it is a must see. The photos are outstanding and the design is just as good. How much input do you have in your site's design? 
A: Thank you Mike! I work closely with a very talented graphic designer. I tell him what I would like to incorporate into the site, and what type of look I want, and he comes back to me with various designs, and we go from there. I pick the photographers I work with very closely to ensure that the pictures are professional.

Q: What's your member section going to be like?
A: The member section will have extensive galleries, training and diet tips, my training diary, wallpaper and screensavers as well as a collection of recipes I use when dieting or in the off-season.

Dina Al-Sabah Dina Al-Sabah

Q: What turns you on about a man the most?
A: Honesty, confidence, good manners, maturity and a good sense of humor.

Q: What turns you off the most about a man?
A: Rude, arrogant, pushy, inconsiderate, unhygienic.

Q: What is the best way a man should approach you to ensure your interest?
A: If I were single, I would say, "Do not assume that you have to impress me with anything material. Just be yourself."

Q: What is the number one philosophy you live by?
A: Live life to the fullest and have no regrets.

Dina Al-Sabah

Q: Favorite car: 
A: Porsche 911 GT2

Q: Favorite food: 
A: Chocolate Godiva cake

Q: Favorite color: 
A: Blue 

Q: Thanks for the interview, Dina. It's been a pleasure.
A: Thank you, Mike.

If want to see more of Dina, go to www.fitdina.com.

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