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Bullz-Eye interview with Melissa Frabbiele, IFBB fitness pro

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Our Fitness Editor, Michael Furci, had the pleasure of speaking with IFBB fitness pro Melissa Frabbiele about her career. As you can see, we have some great photos of Melissa along with the entertaining interview.

BE: Where's your hometown?
MF: Las Vegas.

BE: Were you born and raised there?
MF: Yes, I lived there until 1996. Now I live in Michigan.

BE: My wife and I lived in Michigan for more than three years. Being a "Buckeye," I took a lot of heat. Are you a big Michigan sports fan?
MF: Not being from Michigan, I'm not a huge fan, but I do love sports.

BE: Do you have any brothers or sisters?
MF: I have three brothers.

BE: Has your family been a strong source of support in your life?
MF: They have always been very supportive.

BE: What got you into fitness competition?
MF: I actually did a bodybuilding show the first time I competed. I won the lightweight class. I didn't really enjoy it and didn't want to put on that much muscle. The next year, 1995, the NPC (National Physique Committee) started fitness shows. I won the first show I entered, the Las Vegas Classic. I was hooked!

BE: Whenever I've seen you compete, and even when you're not competing, you're in terrific shape. What is your diet like? Do you eat low carb, high carb, low or high fat?
MF: Thank you. Pre-contest I eat low carb and moderate fat. When I'm not preparing for any show, I like to stay lean for any guest appearances or booth work at expos or shows.

BE: Do you use a trainer?
MF: I like to train alone, but I do use a trainer. It's always good to have another eye.

BE: What type and how much cardio do you do when preparing for competition?
MF: I do about 35-45 minutes of cardio per day pre-contest. I also get a lot of cardio practicing routines.

BE: In regards to your weight training, what's your routine like?
MF: I split up the body parts: back and biceps, chest and triceps, shoulders, legs. I change my routines and movements a lot to keep my body from adapting to the same thing.

BE: Do you choreograph your own fitness routines?
MF: I choreograph them with the help of a gymnastics coach and a dance coach. I tell them what I want and they do the transitions.

BE: Do you have a social life?
MF: When preparing for a show it's hard to have a social life. I try to have as normal a life as possible.

BE: What do you like the most about being a Fitness Pro?
MF: Definitely being able to travel the world and meet new people. I have friends all over the map.

BE: What do like the least?
MF: Probably all the politics involved. I hear this from most fitness pros I talk with.

BE: You've been featured many times in all the top fitness magazines -- Flex, Muscle & Fitness, Oxygen, Ironman and others. What do you like the most about modeling?
MF: I own a gym, Valencia Gym, and do a lot of personal training and coaching fitness and figure competitors. The press I get helps my business a lot.

BE: What do you like the least?
MF: It's a lot more work than you might think. You can get really sore from a long shoot.

BE: So far in your successful career, what do consider to be your best achievement?
MF: I've done four Fitness Internationals and four Fitness Olympias. For me, that's my greatest achievement considering my childhood. I was sick a lot with asthma, and don't have the athletic background that a lot of the girls have.

BE: I visited your Web site recently and I have to say it's -- you're -- very impressive. How much input do you have in your sites design?
MF: Thank you, I have a lot of input. My Webmaster runs everything by me first.

BE: You look very comfortable in front of the camera. Is that something that came with time or did it come natural?
MF: I don't think it's something you can learn. It just comes natural for me.

BE: Your member's section on your site is excellent. All your shots are well done and in good taste. "Naughty butt nice," as you say. Your "Just Boots" gallery was the first nude gallery you've done. Was it difficult for you to be nude in front of the camera?
MF: Thanks, it wasn't difficult at all.

BE: Many women say that posing nude makes them feel sexy and even turned on. How do you feel when posing with no clothes on?
MF: My stuff is pin-up style, so I feel the same with a bikini on or off.

BE: What turns you on about a man the most?
MF: A strong, honest character, a good sense of humor…. Oh, and a nice butt!

BE: What turns you off the most?
MF: Fakeness.

BE: What is the best way a man should approach you to ensure your interest?
MF: With a lot of confidence, and a real approach. NO lines.

BE: What is the number one philosophy you live by?
MF: Live for the moment.

BE: Favorite car?
MF: Mercedes 550sl

BE: Favorite food?
MF: Junk food…pizza and dark chocolate.

BE: Favorite color -- let me guess, purple?
MF: No, red! I do like purple though.

BE: Thanks for the interview Melissa, it's been a pleasure.
MF: Thank you, Mike

Any of you who want to see more of Melissa, go to www.melissafrabbiele.net

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