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Q: Dear Mr. Advisor

Kindly guide me. What should I do in the following situation? I have a lot of hair on my hands and legs. It looks ugly. What should I do? How should I get rid of it?

Hope you will respond soon.

A: Well, as far as your hands are concerned the solution is going to depend on whether the hair is on the top or the palms. If the hair is on the palms of your hands you need to get a girlfriend. Or if you have a girlfriend, she needs to get busy. Just kidding. 

The solution is actually pretty easy, but starts to become a pain in the ass after doing it for a few months. The best way I found to get rid of hair, which is necessary when competing in bodybuilding contests, is to use clippers to get the bulk of the hair off. Then, buy good razor blades and shave what's left if you want to be real smooth for your honey. Do not use disposables, or you'll be a bloody mess.

If you're not worried about a little stubble then just use the clippers when needed. Use clippers that are made for beards because they get pretty close to the skin. 

Q: Hey, Mike

I have read your articles and totally agree with your opinions on all the bullshit fitness crap. Now I know there is no such thing as spot training, but could you suggest some exercises to target my upper abs?

One other question: Is it possible for me to gain weight and get more cut (toned) at the same time? For about two months I was taking weight gain supplements along with protein and trying to eat three squares a day. I was working out three days a week and running two days a week, between workout days. Unfortunately, I gained more weight than muscle mass. 

Is this the right approach to put on some extra pounds? 

A: I appreciate the fact that you've read my articles and totally agree with some of what I've written. As far as spot training is concerned, it is possible. I think you might be referring to spot reduction, which is impossible. Many companies are still making millions by selling products to unsuspecting consumers promising spot reduction especially in the abdominal region. Although, if you watch the commercials carefully, you'll notice that they never actually say the words "spot reduction." The best example of this is the electronic stimulators promising to tone different areas of your body. There are a couple of different machines out there. Don't bother wasting your money. One commercial even has a well-muscled doctor touting the benefits of using this type of product. This asshole should lose his medical license for misleading the public. Anyway, I didn't mean to go off on a tangent, but it irritates me to no end. 

Now that I'm calmer we can discuss what you can do. There are some very good exercises that will target the upper part of the rectus abdominis. These exercises without eating correctly are not going to give you a ripped stomach. Please tell me you're not going to do your abs everyday and do 50 to 100 reps per set. Outside of gaining localized endurance and very little strength you'll get nothing. Work your abs just like you do everything else and eat right. Two of my favorite exercises for hitting the upper abs are the following:

Russian twists: This is an exercise that requires a lot of strength. You will only need your body weight. Make sure that your hands are pointed toward the ceiling and that your shoulders and upper back are off the floor.

Stiff-arm ball crunches: At the start of the exercise the ball should hit the center of your back. With your arms pointing straight toward the ceiling your back should be slightly hyper-extended around the ball. This allows for a much better contraction at the top of the movement. 


Because you did not give me an example of what your training program is like I won't be able to help you with it very much. I will say, however, that three days of weight training and two days of cardio is a good plan. Whether you're doing too much or splitting your body parts in the right manner I can't say with what you've given me.

The first thing I would recommend concerning your supplementation is drop the weight gainer. This type of supplement serves no purpose in building muscle and strength. They are loaded with sugar and usually have an inadequate amount of low-grade protein. Companies can easily sell these products because they taste good (so does chocolate) and are very cost effective. If a weight gainer product is taken on a regular basis, 90 percent of the people who take it will get fatter like you did. So is it even possible to gain good weight? 

Yes, it is possible to gain weight without getting fatter. This happens however, over a long period of time. This process is aided nutritionally by eating a lot of quality protein such as lean red meat, chicken, tuna, turkey, cottage cheese, eggs, protein powders, and meal replacement packets or drinks. What amount you ask? You need to eat at least a gram per pound of body weight. Protein repairs and maintains everything in your body from red blood cells to bones. Your body will do what's necessary for survival first and then build muscle. Extra muscle is not needed to sustain life. If enough protein is not taken in, kiss your ability to progress goodbye. If you start to gain fat while eating more, it's because of the carbs you're eating, not the protein. Control your level of body fat by monitoring the amounts of carbs you take in.  

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