Pregnancy facts for women

Pregnancy facts for women

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Congratulations! You have just delivered a beautiful baby! But are you wondering why you still look pregnant? Relax! It’s pretty natural to look a little plump on the tummy and around the waist even though you have just eased the weight that you have been carrying for nine months. But nine months is a very long time, and your body undergoes tremendous changes during that time. So, you need to give some time for it to regain its old condition. Using diet pills may help, but what will really work is to go on a balanced diet and exercising.

Let’s face the truth! Some women are just lucky; they either lose weight immediately or never gain much weight in the first place! But the majority of us are huffing and puffing to lose the extra pounds. Some swear by diet pills like Xenical. Unlike other diet pills, it does not suppress your appetite, but instead absorbs dietary fat in the body. Such fat absorption, when combined with regular physical activity and balanced diet, makes you start to lose weight. So for a regular person trying to lose weight, diet pills like these have proven successful. However, post pregnancy, especially if you are breastfeeding, using diet pills is not a good option, as the baby will absorb it too.

If you were fortunate, you’d probably be losing the extra weight within six weeks. However, if six weeks have passed and you are still overweight, may be the time has come for you to keep your eyes and ears open instead of your mouth.

One of the best ways to lose pregnancy weight is to breastfeed... because when you breastfeed, you are using the fat stored inside your body. The longer you breastfeed, the more calories you burn. The natural follow-up to this is, when you breastfeed, you also become a voracious eater, and you have to eat to feed the baby. So you are kind of stuck in a loop. If you take care to see what kind of food you are eating, you can control half the weight gain.

For meal time breaks, eat healthy and non-fattening snacks like raisins, popcorn (forget the butter), wheat crackers and nuts. Cut down on sugary drinks and quench your thirst with at least 10-12 glasses of water. If you crave for juice, go for lemon juice. What’s important here? Losing the extra pounds or satisfying your fast food urge? Decide! If you love meat, go for lean! Give whole grains a chance to help you; go for whole-wheat pasta or wheat bread instead of white. Depending on whether you had a c-section or a normal delivery, consult a doctor to find when you can start an exercise program.

Diet, exercise and be happy! The extra pounds will disappear soon!

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