Best fitness magazines for at home exercises

Best fitness magazines for at home exercises

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You may be a busy executive without any breathing space for yourself. You may be a student in the final throes of your exams, or you may be a personal business owner who doesn’t know what the English word “respite” means. Working out at the gym doesn’t seem like a possibility for you; but the thing is, you do like the concept of working out. You know it will be good for you. You just don’t have the time to go out and do it.

Don’t worry. You can do your workouts at home. You do not have to go to a gym to keep fit. A number of fitness magazines will give you great workout regimes for home based exercising. Here’s a quick list of necessary magazine subscriptions.

For men, there’s of course, the Men’s Health magazine. This magazine has the best tips available for staying trim and healthy. It gives you great exercise routines for all conditions, and also suggests health foods and healthy diets to stay healthy all the year round.

Also for men is the Muscle and Fitness magazine, which is the bible of weight training. Every issue contains details about various sorts of weight training workouts, from simple, easy ones to exercises that help build every known muscle of your body.

For women, there are three important health magazines. These are Natural Health, Shape, and the Yoga Journal. Each of these offers advice on one or another cardinal aspect of staying fit and healthy. The Natural Health magazine gives you suggestions about herbal medicines and herbal care, healing abilities of foods, vitamins, natural and organic diets, and a number of simple body work exercises that will help you stay trim and shapely. The Shape magazine gives you ideas about how to stay in shape, build up shapely curves at the right places and generally develop an attractive body. The Yoga Journal, as its name suggests, offers various easy to do, healthy yoga exercises for home based workouts.